May be you noticed, maybe you didn’t..

But I didn’t send you an email on Wednesday as normal

My excuse?


Summer is approaching...and we are choker block with ladies

eagerly getting in shape for the summer. 

So yes, I'm playing the TIME card! (Ha!)


I’ve had some great questions this week 

I always do when we start a Taster Week.

Lots of ladies all fired up and raring to go 

eager to make a change.


Sally asked this (and yes, that’s not her real name!!!)

“You don’t look like you’ve ever had a weight problem.

How can you really understand what it’s like to be me?"


Some of the other ladies in the group looked a bit uncomfortable…

but it’s fine. You see, she has a point.


How could I possibly “Get it?”


But here’s the thing.

When you commit to a meaningful change

The process is the same. Mine AND yours . 


My huge challenge over the last 3 years has

been building Zig Zag Women's Fitness & Motivation


For years, I thought about it (20 to be exact).

I got excited about it - In my head.

I started. I stopped. I started again. I stopped again.


I blamed everyone. Every situation. Every moment.

But then realised the only thing that was stopping me

creating the business and LIFE I wanted was ME.


But then I got REALLY excited.

Focused. And that’s all I could think about.


But the work! Oh boy!


In the beginning I spent hours creating content (still do)

writing, doing videos, interacting on social media

only to come to the realisation that I would have to

KEEP doing all that work for many more months and years! 


In addition, I was also learning business and marketing.

How to use a computer other than to reply to an email

and do a Tesco shop.

They don’t teach you that in Personal Training School!


But my point is this…


You and me. We’re the same


No wonder you throw the towel in  

in terms of your eating and exercise, and just say

“forget it” then eat and DO whatever you want.

It’s a ton of work.

There are a million things to learn,

especially when you realize that no one else actually has

the answer for you.

It’s on YOU to learn about YOU if you want to

move from a constant beginner to being a master

of your own nutrition, exercise and body change.



It’s no wonder you give up.


The ones who make it are the ones who

fall in love with their process. The feeling.

They do it because it makes them feel good.

And the results? Well they just come…effortlessly.

They just keep going. Even when they felt that no one else cared.


They remembered that they do. They care.


Any time you are learning a new skill.

(And let’s face it changing your eating and exercise

habits "longterm" is one HUGE skill.)

there will be a million times you want to give up.

Heck, every day I run up against an IT problem.

But what I hold on to is the belief in my own ability

to level up my skill set.


This stuff is no joke. I get uncomfortable.

I get embarrassed. And I’m having to work 10 times harder

than normal to achieve something others would find EASY.


But I know that the difficulty is temporary.

And I know that I have to earn the right to easy and effortless.

And I know that the payoff will be everything everyone

always says it is when you have a great business to call your own.


You don’t get to step #2 without going through Step #1.


You don’t get to skip steps.


You don’t get to have a body you love without

doing some intense mindset work.

That’s why Step 1 of my Forever Kick Start Challenge

is all about story telling. The one in your head!

You rewrite them. We hold your hand.


I don’t get to have a viable business where I can work

with inspiring clients without learning how to

attract those clients in the first place.


So, yes I do understand. I understand the struggle.


I understand the effort of pushing a boulder up a hill.

The feeling that all your effort is getting you no where.  

But I also understand that ultimately that boulder

gains momentum and things start to get easier.

You get some wins, and then you’re off!


No more Taster weeks now until September.

But the list is open and already filling up. CLICK HERE

If you're ready for STEP 1...but only if you're READY


Bye for now


Allison "I get it" Harding