No I haven't lost the plot Zig Zag


I just wondered if you made it past the first month with yours?


If you set a goal back in January

and you've made it to your target


I applaud you....

You've done what you said you would do


So great job!



Most women I know who started 2016

with the 'New Year New You' attitude actually failed




Because they started doing MORE!


MORE walking. MORE running. MORE lifting. MORE Yoga (ing!) or what ever the latest thing their favourite celebrity was endorsing!


They used MORE lotions, potions, shakes and pills..


They bought MORE books & magazines and got lead along by the marketing spin on how they shouldn’t be eating protein with fat or carbohydrate after 5 pm, etc. They listened MORE to their friend who was following the Caveman, Paleo, 5:2, Atkins..…Drink only through a straw diet! ( yes, it’s a real one!)


Perhaps this was you too? 


You searched for MORE information in the hope that THIS time you would discover YOUR magic formula.

There was one thing you tried to do LESS of…


You combined this gem with moving MORE, and you felt that you were onto a winner, this time. You just needed a little ( or a lot) MORE willpower than last time and you'd be sorted!

But what did you get? (if you kept to the plan….)

Not a lot. Well, not enough for all your effort.


This over simplistic equation of eat less and move MORE doesn’t take into account your metabolism.

And honestly? This is the ONE thing you need to start considering MORE. Redirect your attention and start to work out HOW you can start to burn MORE calories at rest.

Now that sounds like a GREAT plan doesn’t it? Surely you’d like to hear about that secret formula?

So here’s the secret.

Your metabolism isn’t linear.

It’s like a seesaw. It constantly tips up and down.

You don’t just have a fast or a slow one. It adjusts ALL THE TIME.

It responds to so many things.

What you eat. How much you eat. How much exercise you do. How stressed you are. How balanced you are hormonally. How tired you are. How old you are. Pregnancy…

The traditional Eat less : Move more model just doesn’t work. In fact cutting calories too low, eating low fat , low carb and exercising more can put stress on your body and lower metabolism. Not what we want.

So what do we do?

We keep our metabolism on its toes. Keep changing the game.

Think back to the last time you got back on the wagon.

Perhaps you went to a Zumba class? You loved the music the social aspect and the fact that you left feeling hot and sweaty! It felt good. A few weeks down the line, after going consistently you start to feel like your clothes are a little looser. This is good news. You keep going. But then another month down the line after doing the same class…putting in the same amount of effort, you have no result.

After a couple more months you’re totally frustrated. If you still have some motivation — most have given up by now — you try something new. You hit the gym and get a strength program. You do this consistently for a month and hey presto you get a result. So strength training is for you not Zumba!

However 6 months down the line, nothing much more has changed… including your program. You TRY to keep going because “hey” this SHOULD work shouldn’t it?

Then it doesn’t

You give up…

Until next time.

That eating plan you started back in January. You know the one you’ve been struggling to stick to for months! Is it still delivering the same results it did initially during the first week to 10 days? No? Then rip it up and change it up.

Research shows that between 4–10 days of doing the same thing your metabolism will start to compensate.

If your goal is to have a body that looks and feels different, you need to keep shaking up the game.

Change the rules.

One week go to Zumba, swim and walk.

The next do strength training, cycle and yoga

The next run, interval train and chill out!

Yes, rest and relaxation are important too.

Remember those hormones?

Get too stressed out, Push too hard and your fat storing hormones will work against you.

If you’re unsure where to start, get some expert help. Any Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor worth their weight will be able to point you in the right direction.

Be a rebel. Make up your own plan.

Don’t follow an experts plan. Listen to your own body.

Keep track of your ACTIONS and your RESULTS.

If you’re not measuring, you’re guessing.

Adapt accordingly.

But above all keep changing up the game and enjoy the results.

Allison “This is a game changer” Harding


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