I am not remotely interested in football


Nope, not for me


But my boys, big and small LOVE it!




The other night whilst they were all transfixed with the game, I made myself scarce.


Katie was out, and I didn’t feel like watching a Chick Flick on my own.


I had promised myself that I wouldn’t open the lap top and start working


So what to do?


I ended up sitting down with a good old pen and paper PLANNING my week ahead.


I did pour myself a glass of wine, so that it felt a little more indulgent…

And BOY has it helped me this crazy week..


Two new Forever Kick Start Challenge groups started this week.

Brilliantly savvy, quick witted women..the type I LOVE LOVE LOVE to work with.


We had our FOCUS sessions, where we really identified what it is we really wanted,

Why it was so important , and What’s stopped us getting it up until now?


One thing that was so common to both groups was that word PLANNING....


Some ladies were natural planners, others just wouldn't entertain the thought!


We tend to think we are one thing or the other don't we?


But this is the question I put to the NON planners..and I put to you now..


If you had an important event to go to this weekend where all your best friends,

acquaintances and colleagues were coming to hear you give a speak (!),

would you not plan for the event?


Ofcourse you would. Not only would  you plan what you were going to say

and rehearse it several times, but you would likely plan what you were going

to wear and make sure you knew how to get to the event.

When it is important to us we plan and

if we don't more times that not we fail at being our best.


Given that we know this is true in other areas of our life,

why do so many of us fail to plan for body change?

We often just get stuck in a rut, leave it to chance and just HOPE that it will happen.....


From years of working with busy ladies like yourselves I have observed

that THE most powerful HABIT in terms of weight loss, for women, is PLANNING.


Planning shopping lists, planning and prepping meals ahead,

diary dating your extra training, Planning the kids activities and

making plans to ask for help if you need it

so that you can follow through on your own "promises" to your self.

Planning for chaos - you miss your class - so what's your "go to" plan B?

planning your snacks - what are those things you will always reach for?

Can you add to this list?


This isn't planning for PERFECTION...It's actually planning for the chaos of everyday life!


This behaviour can seriously help you get that body that you want.


If you’re not a natural planner..

Could you BE that lady who does more of this, so that you could

DO more of the ACTIONS consistently so that you could HAVE

exactly that dream body that you want?


How about planning to join us for the next 8 week Forever Kick Start Challenge?

Registration is now open, and ladies are already PLANNING their exciting journey with us. 

Are you going to join them ? HERE's the link


Bye for now 


Allison (a recovering super planner, who now has to wing it, a bit) Harding!!!


PS Nothing here today but thanks for looking!!!