Don't panic, this is NOT a politically inclined email!

But, what do you think might happen?

My gut is telling me that the outcome will be REMAIN.


Fear of CHANGE

And that's what holds so many of us back from taking significant DIFFERENT ACTION

"Better the devil" and all that

But does it serve us?

Does it help us get what we want?

That's as political as I'm going to get - Phew!...But I am in the business of CHANGE



There are loads of reasons why we CHANGE our eating habits and exercise routines aren't there? But the number one reason why most of us decide it's time to change is....we want a body that looks and feels different. To achieve this we will go through all sorts of craziness in the hope of discovering THAT magic formula. 


Fasts , “cleanses”, lotions, potions, pills, shakes.... Or we exercise like crazy people doing MORE of everything. MORE running, MORE lifting, MORE cross-training and MORE Zumba (ing!) or whatever the latest fitness fad is. We even buy into half truths and marketing spin about combining (or not) our macronutrients, diets based on fruit, diets based on Cavemen, liquid diets and now we're all ADDICTED to sugar we're going to go all out to cut it out of our diets and replace it with other sugar substitutes! we go again!


And what do we have to show for our results? Often nothing.


The over simplistic and unhelpful  solution to all of this is the classic "Eat less, move more" response. But in truth the one step you need to take, the one thing you need to consider, the one thing you want to manipulate is your METABOLISM- the rate at which you burn calories at rest. 


And here's the SECRET...metabolism is NOT linear. You don't have a FAST or a SLOW metabolism. It's inherently unbalanced in all of us. This is part of its function and how it helps us survive.  It adjusts constantly to everything we do.


You eat less, or more, and it responds and adjusts.  You exercise more or less and it will react in kind. You encounter stress, have sleep issues, get ill, age, become pregnant, go through hormonal changes, etc and it responds.


Can you see how this is a very different view of your metabolism and not at all how the low calorie and low carb fanatics claim it works? 



The number one mistake almost all dieters make is a unchanging program. Think about it. You start a diet and your metabolism changes after a few days and weeks to adjust.  And then you do what? Keep doing the same thing? 


No wonder you're failing.  You have to adjust as well!!  It's the equivalent of “keeping the metabolism on its toes.”


How often have you started a new program, perhaps eaten less and started running more and seen some good results in the first few weeks? Then things have slowed down. You've continued to eat less and run more ( for as long as you can bear it) in the hope that things will change? They don't. You get frustrated. You give up. A few months later, a few pounds heavier ( a bit more lethargic and frustrated ) you try another approach. You eat more "good stuff" and lift more. It works! For a while. It slows down. you continue to do the same in the hope that things will change again. They don't. You give up.........


It's INSANE right?


So what's the answer?


To beat stubborn fat we need  to work with this natural ebb, flow and ever changing nature of the metabolism. Keep changing things


That steady state run that you've been focusing on? Great if you goal is to run a 5,10 km 1/2 marathon.....but if your goal is fat loss? There are much better, time efficient ways to do it. AND less dull.  


That weights routine you were given at the gym 2 years ago? Is your body still having to work to adjust to the overload? 


That eating plan you started back in January. Did you reach your goal? Are you now in maintenance? Are you happy continuing to eat that way for ever? Yes? BRILLIANT! You shouldn't be reading this! You should be writing a similar newsletter. But if you're still wanting to shed some pounds and its not working sticking to the same eating plan...Change it!!!!


This is the approach I take with all my Forever Kick Start Challenge ladies, the 1:1 clients and group exercise classes I teach. We keep changing the approach. As a result....we get results!


The next Ladies Only Forever Kick Start Challenge Kicks off on Monday 5th September. Places are already filling up. If you want to see a change. If you're fed up with putting in effort and seeing no results. If you just want to finally LEARN HOW to do it right. Join us. You can try a whole week for FREE. But I KNOW places will be FULL very soon, so grab your place NOW HERE's THE LINK 


Bye for now


Yours "Ever Changingly"