I’m off on my holidays in a couple of weeks

Can’t wait to kick back, spend some proper time with Dave and Dan (our youngest) and just catch up. ..Know the feeling?


Katie and Ben (our bigger two!) are both off on adventures of their own. It’ll be a bit weird there being just the 3 of us. A big shift in what we’ve accepted as “The norm” for the last 18 years!. 


But I’m totally looking forward to the trip.


How do you look at holidays? A chance to just forget all the rules? Just enjoy yourself. Forget what you should or shouldn’t be eating and forget the pressure to move and exercise for a week or so?


If you currently control your weight by “watching” what you eat, depriving yourself of those things you feel that you shouldn’t eat, than yes, I can see how you’d want a holiday from that. It can be mentally draining can’t it? To just decide that for 2 weeks you’re off the wagon gives you that mental break you desperately need.


That's until you return and you struggle to fit nicely into your favourite outfit.


Then you’re back on the diet and binge wagon until next time.


This would be ok if you didn’t then spend the next few months berating yourself for

setting yourself back so far! "LOOK at how much ground I’ve lost. I’ll never get it back.”


Because here’s the thing: when we think things are irreversible, and when we think that at some point we are “too far gone,” or believe that we’ve reach a point of no returns, we fall into a defeatist mindset trap. We feel helpless, and then we struggle to get going again!


I encourage my Zig Zag ladies to not make a few weeks of less training or a single over indulgent week or a few days with a couple more treats mean they're "off the wagon" and doomed to fail!


I encourage them to trust themselves completely to change something anytime and create anything they want anytime. If they want something to be different, take one small step in that direction. Learn to feel accomplished with even the smallest shows of action. Give themselves the WIN, rather than seek PERFECTION and fall short, AGAIN!


So how would it feel to totally enjoy your holiday AND still return home and feel great about hhow you look in your favourite clothes? 


To never be on or off. never good or bad. never all or nothing. never black or white. But to learn to live in the middle 100% of the time with your nutrition and exercise. The middle isn't sexy, It's not exciting, but boy it's where the magic happens LONG TERM. Let "good enough" be good enough. AND enjoy it!


Sounds too good to be true?


This email would be enormous if I was to go into this right now.


So what I’m doing this year is giving you an insight into exactly HOW you can do this by joining me on my trip...


My goal will be "Pleasurable Maintenance"


There’s no way I want to go on holiday with the pressure of trying to make gains in terms of my fitness or fat loss. I am going to trust myself completely to change something anytime and create anything I want anytime. If I want something to be different, I take one small step in that direction. Learn to feel accomplished with even the smallest shows of action.


Because truly, every little bit does count.


If you’re interested in HOW this actually works join me on Facebook in my "Mosquito on the Wall" group! Get clear insights as to HOW you navigate this! I will be posting once a day , EVERY DAY. You'll be able to see how I navigate it and pick up some tips for yourself!



Let me know by return email saying "YES PLEASE". If we're not friends already on Facebook I'll send you a friend request and we'll go from there! 


CLICK HERE to get access to the group directly.

Everything will kick off on Sunday 17th July. 

Some of my clients will be joining me too…a chance for you to ask them exactly what Zig Zag is all about!


Bye for now!


Allison (rooted in the middle) Harding