OOps I missed last week...No excuses...I'm human...VERY human!

I'm really feeling the need to simplify things as I go into the summer, know what I mean? 

If you're feeling like that too I have a great solution for you at the end of this email, but more of that later. 


On Friday I was in London at the Shard for an Industry event with some FFF's - Fellow Female Fitness Professionals, Ha!

In the afternoon we all had a moment in the "Hot Seat".

The topic was "What are you struggling with right now in your business?".

Everyone's struggles were different but the one common solution was "Do less" to get the result you want!

We were all over complicating things. We'd all read a lot. We'd all analysed a lot. We were all working a lot, and we were all stressing a lot about stuff that, quite frankly, was never going to move us forwards in terms of establishing a sustainable successful business. 

Do you ever feel this too? 

Every week I get questions such as

"What's best? Whey protein or rice protein?"

"Should I eat carbs before or after my workout?"

"Should I use skimmed, semi or full fat, almond, coconut milk"

"Should I do more interval or strength training?" 


You can get so bogged down in the small stuff, especially when you start something new. It's exciting isn't it to feel like you have a new plan, a new solution, and new knowledge? But this can lead to paralysis. Information paralysis. Where by you feel so confused you don't know which way to turn. You stand still and Do nothing. 


So how do you move on and stop going back to the beginning again? How about TRUSTING yourself? Take a chance? Stop thinking about it all so much and release the need to be PERFECT all the time....ahhhhhh! suddenly you're FREE. You release the anxiety and stop thinking so much about every food choice. That's exhausting and unnecessary especially as not every nutrition decision carries the same weight in terms of getting a result. 


I get it. This approach takes practice. It takes you looking at the long view and releasing the need to have EVERYTHING right now!


What's your alternative? You continue on the path of deprive and binge. You continue to Zig Zag. You continue being the endless BEGINNER instead of a MASTER of your own FOREVER Solution. 


Getting support and expert help can of course speed up this valuable process. 


My answer to many of those questions above go something like this 

1. Which do you prefer..whey or rice? 

2. Which can you do consistently? 

3. Which type of training do you enjoy the most? 

4. How much milk do you drink? Is it really important which you choose? 


Take the stress out of the decision. Knowing too much information creates anxiety. You overthink things and then you're frightened to take action because you fear you might fail. 


Surely the most important question is "Which one will I do more regularly? "


Because to be honest, in terms of body change results it really doesn't matter if you do more interval than strength, drink more full fat than semi skimmed and choose Whey instead of Rice protein, just as LONG as you DO IT!!!




Going forwards into the summer, what are your thoughts? 


Too much effort to consider your own health fitness and well being over the summer months? You're routine will be shot to bits and things will be out of sorts? Have you put things on hold until September? Just happy to go back to that familiar slightly squashy tummy and tight jeans AGAIN. Spend September eating lettuce leaves and promising yourself that you'll get to the gym. REALLY? Are you really HAPPY about that? 


In my own experience and a lifetime of coaching women to just feel their best I know that the PERFECT time is NEVER going to appear on your doorstep. There'll always be something. So why not get REAL now and start practicing REAL LIFE "Feel Great" navigation? 


I have written a FREE 14 day Summer Simplicity Plan just for this reason. It holds your hand whilst you master


1. Doable exercise habit,

2. Simple nutrition habits

and become more aware of

3 not so helpful female sabotaging mindsets!


That's it. 


Here's the link if you'd like to join in. 

Zig Zag's approach to feeling your best is all about SIMPLICITY and SANITY. Stressing less and getting the long lasting results you want. 


Join me FREE as I hold your hand and get you started this summer. 




Allison (simply striving) Harding. 


PS. I have some more SUPER support for you on Wednesday..look out for the VERY short email!