Ever had one of those weeks where you just can't wait until Friday arrives? 

Mine has been a bit, no A LOT,  like that this week...

Not because I dislike my job..absolutely not! Quite the opposite. 

But because I'm about to go on holiday for a couple of weeks!


My Mum sent me a message at 9 am this morning asking if I was all ready and packed? 


I have 3 days until I go...3 hours before departure I'm just hoping that I've got somewhere near the end of the ironing pile! 


I've got to be honest here, I was contemplating having a week off the Blog..but then Wendi's email dropped into my In Box. A gift!  

So, today I am handing my Blog over to the lovely Wendi

Take it away....

“I absolutely love the all-inclusive approach of Zig-Zag.  Allison provides a lot of good clear information regarding nutrition which is non-judgemental, easy to follow, delicious and simple. It’s been a pleasure to follow the guidelines and I've found it a liberating way to eat that my family have enjoyed too.  

There is a supermarket tour during the kick-start part of the plan which I highly recommend attending.  There were many ‘wow’ moments and I was amazed how much I didn’t know about food I’ve been buying for years!

I’ve never been able to exercise.  I was never fit enough and felt too old but in this group I love it! I am amazed at what I can do just a few weeks after starting the program.  There are only six of us ladies in the group and it’s very supportive. Allison keeps us going and pushes us to achieve more than any of us thought possible and the feeling at the end of each class is incredible. 

Throughout this process there have been daily emails from Allison, keeping us motivated, supported and informed.  As well as imparting many interesting facts they have been invaluable for reminding us we’re part of a community with the same aims, same set-backs and same questions as each other. 

I cannot recommend Allison and ZigZag highly enough.  If you’re ready to take control in a really positive way, this is definitely for you.  It has literally changed my life.”


And this was her footnote.....


"Allison, I hope this isn’t too ‘flowery’!  I’m so impressed with what you have helped me to achieve and I wanted to write something that may help other ladies take this important step."


Not "flowery" at all Wendi and thank you so much, because now I can go and iron David's holiday strides!!!

If you fancy "Changing your life" like Wendi, if you want to take a huge step forwards towards FEELING YOUR BEST,  then join us in September for the next FREE Taster Week. Registration is already open...don't leave it until the end of the summer as places are limited.... once we're full, we're full!


Bye for now

Allison (off to get the ironing board out) Harding. 



By the way Here's the link for that Taster Week Registration