Okaaaay so this is a bit off the wall!

Yes, I'm drinking!


Right now I’m away on holiday and being totally honest with you I’ve been putting off writing my weekly Blog to you.


I left home last Sunday promising myself that I would complete one hours work everyday…

Pah..That's not exactly happened!


“Under promise and over deliver”, one of my most used sayings with my clients. "Be at least 90% certain that you can deliver on what you intend to do" is another. Perhaps I should have taken my own advice? I’d have realised that I was being totally unrealistic with what I thought I'd be able to achieve!


I have however, taken a little bit of my own advice now, as I am writing this Blog. 


I find when I'm struggling to get started with something….a new exercise regime, a new way of doing things at work, a new Blog, I need to create a more enjoyable environment. It needs to be more pleasurable, more incising…so a Mojito was offered and a Mojito it was!


Now I know from experience that when I’m struggling in the evening to be creative with my writing at home, I’ll often reach for a glass of wine. But there’s a fine line isn’t there? A small glass can relax me and make my creative juices flow, but go over that and it’s a whole other ball game..these days the over indulgence tends to result in sleep, rather than party!!! Know what I mean?


So, what to write?


Well this week I have been focusing on navigating holiday eating with my clients.  Now I know you don’t need me to tell you what’s GOOD and what’s BAD,you already KNOW that( I don’t believe there is such a thing by the way when it comes to food)The struggle isn't in KNOWING is it? It's actually DOING that's the problem.  So many of our food struggles come down to how we interact with food and how situations emotions and people influence our choices.


Holidays expose us to situational eating at its best “Ahhh holiday mode..all rules are thrown out the window” “Everyone else is having it, so why should it be different for me?” “its holiday time, surely you can just have exactly what you want, when you want?”


Whilst this is very normal, it can continue to make you struggle in terms of our health, fitness and weight loss goals. Not because you shouldn’t do this…heck if you want to go "all in" on holiday who’s to say you shouldn’t? But quite often you’ll go "all in" and then berate yourself for doing it! Know what I mean? You feel that other people, situations have forced you to eat/drink things that you wouldn’t normally chose to do. I don’t know about you but that can make me feel resentful and then I get cross with myself for being weak willed.


Those mental boxing matches just don’t serve you long term. You may think that being hard on yourself is what you need to keep you “on the wagon” but research and just observing my clients over 20 plus years shows me that self compassion and kindness really does help you to be more consistent long term. And that’s what you want. Because that’s where the magic lies..it becomes effortless. 




#1 Own your choice. You are responsible. Top tip...make your choice BEFORE you arrive at the restaurant. Chose what you're going to do. Rip up your "rule book" or just go for indulgence? It's much easier to do this BEFORE you arrive rather deciding what to do when you have others emotions and opinions to consider IN THE MOMENT, “Oh go on” “Why not? ”  “You’re on holiday? ” etc…


#2 Once you’ve chosen. ENJOY your choice and Move on.


Tomorrow is another day


The next meal is another opportunity to make a great nutritional choice or not. But don’t dwell?


Why? Because negative self talk will push you down the road looking for a quick hedonistic fix to make you feel better about yourself. And it won’t be a carrot stick will it?


And I wonder what you’ll reach for?


In short: 1) Own your choice - whatever it is. And 2) Resist the temptation to then judge those choices. Let them go, and move on to the thing you *can* control.


I think the Mojito worked well


What do you think?


Allison (loving my choice) Harding


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