Weight loss...not something I love to talk about to be honest. But I have to accept that this is the reason why so many ladies initially join us at Zig Zag. And, yes, they get what they want. They lose an average of 1 1/2 stone over an 8 week period, but is that ALL they want?

Surely you would want more from a program that "changes your life?"  To start with don't you want to become a master at maintaining those results so that you can stop obsessing about food and get on enjoying everything that feeling your best has to offer? 

It's about the long term picture isn't it? Just nailing this stuff so that you can move on..

To do that...You MUST break the classic weight loss rules. 

Rule #1: Follow the nutrition & exercise sheet - One of the fastest ways to disappointment long term is to give yourself strict, rigid rules that need to be followed to perfection.

Rule #2 : Set a goal - One way in which we set ourselves up for disappointment and even more DEmotivation is through setting a time in our mind by which we "need" to achieve a specific outcome, or else it means we're a failure or we are no good.



"Allison, but what about goal setting? Don't we need specific goals?" 


In my opinion, goals can be worthwhile ONLY if your approach to them is gentle. Allow yourself some wiggle room. Be kind to yourself if you don't achieve them.

Holding yourself to a timetable and being kind to yourself just don't go together. It's either/or. I would argue that the latter is much more important as it applies to your happiness.

Think about it . How long will you consistently be able to follow through on the actions needed to deliver your specific goal? Have you done this in the past? How did it work out ? Giving yourself some wiggle room, accepting the win, no matter how small, is more empowering in the long run and delivers effortless life changing results. 


Goal setting works in the short-term but when the motivation is external (e.g. the threat of not fitting into THOSE jeans), it doesn't last in the long run. 


Here's what happens when you set up a random timetable when it comes to your desired weight loss. the problem starts at the very beginning. You pluck a number out of the air.."I want to lose 10 llb in 1 week 1/2"


We feel like results can't come fast enough. You lose 5 lbs in week one. You feel like it should have been 8. Damn! Or you lose 5 inches in a month , it doesn't seem like all that much. You want to lose 2 stone by March by May and you only lose 1 1/2 , you've failed! 


How about releasing the urgency? The need to have the results right now. What IS the rush? 


I'm sure you've heard the saying the faster it comes off, the faster it goes back on. 


This is true. Not due to some "out there" metabolic discovery that you don't know about, it's purely down to behaviours. 


Long lasting fat loss occurs as a result of days and days, weeks and weeks, months and months, years and years of practicing good simple enjoyable behaviours. 


Fats fat loss occurs as a result of following tight restrictive eating and exercise rules and relying on will power to keep you on track. Your ingrained not so healthy habits are still looming in the background and WILL return. Why? because you literally haven't had the time needed to turn your new behaviours into a habit. 


Here's what you could do


Let's just look at how your eating. 

What bothers you the most right now? 

Is it the fact that you get to 10 am and 3 pm and you just need something sweet? 

Is it the fact that you open the fridge and there just isn't anything HEALTHY there? 

Is it you find yourself visiting the petrol station on the way home from work every night just to get that packet of crisps? 

Is it the fact that the bottle of wine you share every night despite telling yourself that you won't drink Monday to Friday just keeps happening? 

Just think about Today. Not what you want to achieve next week, month, year. Just the here and now. 

What would you have to do today to start changing that not so helpful pattern? 

Here's one example...To avoid the Petrol station. Change your environment. Could you take different route home from work so that you don't go near the petrol station? Could you have a healthier snack in the car ready for you for your drive home? Yes, you may need to surf the disappointment for a a few minutes, but how will you feel later when you have that small win in the bag? 

Then what? 

Tomorrow, just rinse and repeat.........

Practice that one action

Only that....

Expectations fade and habits start to form



By the way, this is just scratching the surface.

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