They trained for years Zig Zag. They made huge sacrifices. They measured. They counted. They measured again. They've focused totally on their goal. They all  spoke of the sacrifice. 


Did you feel the contagious effect of the games? I did. I found myself pushing a little harder in my workout. Focusing a little more. Driving the Zig Zag ladies more to believe in themselves. It was great wasn't it? But do I still feel that way now? I have to be honest, it's dwindles a bit as real life has resumed and I found myself watching "Bake Off" last night don't you love it? My mind has started to wander towards Autumn, cosy evenings and jumpers. It's normal. How quickly that hedonistic excitement disappears.  The "fizz" is just a little less fizzy!


I loved listening to all of their stories. How Adam Peaty use to be petrified of the water and how he still dislikes swimming in the sea. How Max Whitlock is so focused on his own performance he never even watches the other competitors. How Trott, Joanna Rowsell-Shand, Elinor Barker and Katie Archibald have struggled to deliver over the last 2 years but pulled it together in Rio to win gold again! But the one common theme running through the blood of all of them was that they never took their eye off the prize. They knew what their goal looked, sounded, tasted, felt like and they never stopped focusing on that end prize. 

This approach delivered unquestionable success. But is this the approach we need to take in terms of our own health fitness and fat loss? Eye on the prize. Focus on the end goal. What do you think?


For me as a Women's Fitness & Motivation Coach success has many faces. And identifying one measure of success just keeps you struggling. It either delivers no results or short lived wins. 


Think about it. How many times have you started a fitness regime/weight loss drive with a specific goal in mind? "I'm going to lose 1 stone by Christmas" "I'm going to get back into THAT dress in 4 weeks time" " I'm going stop eating sugar for good" "I'm only going to eat unprocessed foods". Now ask yourself how any times have you delivered on that goal?


My guess is very rarely if ever at all. This is normal. 


I talk a lot about the PROCESS...I refuse to call it a journey..that sounds a bit naff to me! The process is the bit in between the excitement at the beginning and the end. It's the CONSISTENT actions you do everyday. How do you get consistent at something? You get good at it and you ENJOY it? Which comes first mastery or enjoyment?  They come together.


I am not an Olympic Athlete. The ladies I work with are not Olympic Athletes. Zig Zag you are not an Olympic Athlete. Your approach therefore can not be that of an Olympic Athlete. 


How long is your To Do list? How many of those things are solely for your benefit? Time demands? What do they look like?  Let's be honest here ...your fat loss is not and can not be your only goal. AND indeed it shouldn't be! You don't have a team of people - cleaners, cooks, babysitters, drivers, shoppers, social secretaries... doing all your regular stuff so that you can focus on our ultimate dream. THAT is why in terms of weight loss/fat loss focusing on the OUTCOME alone is futile. Your motivation to be "good" lasts a day or two and then it all becomes overwhelmingly hard..and you give up. 


So what's your winning approach?


Focus on the PROCESS. This is doable. This you can do consistently.


This you can enjoy. Does this mean you don't get out standing results? Absolutely not.


Quite the opposite. You still have to focus, deliver and do your best. But on things that you KNOW you can do CONSISTENTLY. This is where the magic lies. Magic is not delivering ONE strategy. It's an accumulation of personal doable habits that you can do every single day, effortlessly.  The magic lies in you, not the latest quick fix.


Decide what it is you really want. Get inspirational with your intentions. Write down all the things you COULD do to move you closer to what you want. NOW commit to ONE thing you know that you can at least 90% deliver on every single day. Just one thing. What is it? Let me know....


Allison x 

Women's Fitness & Motivation Coach


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