What a week Zig Zag!

By any chance are we at the end of the summer? Do you have that feeling of Back to School? It's amazing isn't it, even though we left school many years ago we still have that "back to it..." "fresh start..." "clean slat...." " new pencil case (gah..I loved that bit!) feeling ingrained in our DNA!

I've been chokker replying to enquiries about the Forever Kick Start Challenge, so much so that I haven't had a chance to really think about my email to you this week.

Until last night, when a wonderful email popped into my inbox from one of my Zig Zag ladies.

It was in response to one of their weekly coaching emails I send. She wasn't the only one who responded. In fact this email has had the most responses of any of my emails to date!

At first I was a little  shocked by the response. I tried to work out what had triggered them all to get in touch. I was talking all about motivation. Much of my coaching is based around concepts such as the need to be "imperfect" with your nutrition choices to get long lasting success. The importance of things such as self compassion, Self acceptance, accountability, responsibility and persistence. I provide the tools to trouble shoot hunger and cravings in REAL time, how to prevent cravings, Mindfulness and surfing the urge, Mastering willpower, honouring the ebbs and flows and owning your food choices.

All good stuff. But this email was different.

However in this email I took motivation to a much higher level and spoke about purpose and meaning. I explained that for 5 years, I lost my purpose and meaning and as a result my health, fitness and eating habits really suffered. I also explained that for 5 years I stepped away from my work and focused on being a good Mum and wife. I also explained that this wasn't enough for me!!! Gah...that still stings as I write it! And do you know what? THAT comment was what triggered the response from the Zig Zag ladies.

It feels uncomfortable doesn't it? Why? because on some level we feel like we're being judged when we say things like that. Don't get me wrong...I love my family so much and I consider myself very lucky indeed.

However the less focus I had in my life on something that truly made me tick the more I was using eating as an escapism tactic. I put food in the same category as alcohol, gambling, excessive shopping (!), Facebook surfing, watching loads of TV. This stuff is normal. We all do it on some level. but when it affects your motivation, that's when it gets into the "not so healthy territory" 

I know that this email resonated with so many clients by their replies. they really expressed relief, that feeling like this wasn't just mutually exclusive to them. here is a little snippet from one clients response..



Powerful stuff! 

To really achieve meaningful change you need to dig deeper than the surface. A great place to start is to ask yourself "What do I want? " then "What do I REALLY want?" No REALLY REALLY. Don't stop asking yourself that question until you have a least 5 answers then pick ONE. The next step is to ask WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? 


See you next week


Allison x


PS. If you would like a copy of the email I sent the Zig Zag Graduate ladies, just email me back. Happy to share it....x