Hey Zig Zag, You know I like to give you my best "stuff" of the week so there's a little FREEBIE at the end of this email for you to have a go at. But more about that later.

For now,  just stop trying so hard!

You really must stop it Zig Zag, because it’s really getting you no where..

Trying that is.

All summer holidays I have been TRYING to get myself back on track with my interval workouts. Those short sharp training sessions which are so effective in terms of fat loss and weight maintenance. Yes there’s plenty of science based around why these sorts of workouts work, but the main thing for us busy ladies is that we can fit them in, so they actually get done! Know what I mean?

Anyway, all summer I’ve been trying to be consistent with them. But failed miserably.

But this week I nailed it.

So what changed?

Did my life just suddenly all pull together?  Did I have just so much more time? Was I just feeling on top of my game. Was it just the PERFECT moment to get going?

Actually, I could tell myself that. But the truth is , I was busier this week than I have been over the last 2 months. I’ve got more stuff on my plate, and actually I could have found more excuses. No, the difference was, that I changed the story in my head.

You see all summer I was saying “I’m going to TRY and get that interval done tomorrow”. No interval.


“It’s Sunday night. Next week is the week. I’m going to TRY and get up early to do it”. No interval


“This week is steadier. In between dropping the boys off and collecting them from rugby  I’m going to TRY and fit in a quick 20 mins”. No interval.


Last week I stopped myself. I listened to what I was saying. What's the inevitable outcome when I  TRY?

For me, when I TRY, I leave a window for failure...just in case. To protect myself. And then what happens? I tend to GO to that place. As humans we are all lazy, delusional and fearful. it's in our DNA. We will ALWAYS default to the easy. So if you give yourself the window to "Maybe fail" on your intentions, watch yourself head straight for that exit!

It's true isn't it?

Do you ever catch yourself saying and doing this?

So how do you break it?

Stop TRYING and start DOING what you can even if you think its not the PERFECT scenario. Doing something that is “good enough” will always beat TRYING to deliver on PERFECTION every time.


The stories we tell ourselves will make us less or more likely to deliver on the goods.

“I AM getting up at 6 am . This is the interval I’m DOING. IT will take me 20 mins to complete. It will be tough, but GAH I’ll feel great when its done.”

I then set 2 alarms (knowing I would "snooze" the first!),  put my trainers, kit and water bottle in the middle of the bedroom floor so that I would trip over them on the way to the loo in the morning!


Successful people are just a LITTLE less lazy, a LITTLE less delusional and a LITTLE less fearful.

SUCCESS is so much nearer than you think...


So here's that FREEBIE. 

I've pinned it to top of my FREE exercise, nutrition and success mindset support group on Face Book. Click the link to get access.




If Fat loss is your goal, this is a  "spot on" way to train effectively. Remember MORE is not MORE. BETTER is MORE. And short and sharp means you'll actually DO it!!! 

Let me know how you get on. 

Allison "DOING" Harding


PS. Nothing here this week. But thanks for looking!! x