A few weeks ago Zig Zag I got an email from a lovely lady in this group saying “Allison I love your stuff but I just want a few simple tips on how to get healthy and fit”

This was great for me because it reminded me that sometimes I get fixed on the higher level motivation stuff at the expense of the basic HOW Too’s

After working in the fitness Industry for over 20 years, I often forget the beginning. Those days when I had no clue as to what exercise worked which body part. Nutrition was just a mine field. Surely just eating less rubbish would do it? It’s so easy to forget the struggle of the "All or Nothing" approach to weight loss. I haven't done it for years now. A more enjoyable moderate approach is "almost" ingrained. 

I was also reminded about the beginning from another lady only last week.

She said she loved the idea of a more sustainable moderate approach to eating in theory, but she still finds herself trying her best to be “Good” during the week and unable to stop the weekend binge. This then leads her to restraining her eating and drinking even more the following Monday....and so on. 

This is so common isn’t it?

I did this for years.

To some degree we like the diet and binge mentality don’t we? Otherwise we wouldn’t do it. We get something out of it. Rule breaking! That idea of throwing all the rules out the window just feels great. In the moment we don’t think of the consequences – the self berating, self disgust, bloating. Actually even if we do remember those feelings in the moment it's so easy to toss them aside isn’t it? Deal with that later.

Over eating in the moment feels good!

The endless Yo Yo cycle is like anything else we do  - we default to the EASY. We look for the short term instant gratification over the effort involved in adopting the long term approach.

As humans we're lazy. It’s in our DNA. We will always look for easy.

When you’re operating in this "All or Nothing" zone you’re only adopting 2 speeds. Acute awareness (Will power is in overdrive) or total brain shut down – zoning out and pretending that IT really isn’t happening. You flip consistently between the  two extremes. One minute feeling totally in control as you start a new diet, then you start to feel totally deprived and you begin the overindulge phase. Cue self disgust and bewilderment.

Eating in the "grey area" – the middle ground is much tougher. It requires you trust yourself, the process and being aware of what you’re doing and the sensations your feeling in the moment. AKA "Mindfulness."

So how do we stop this Yo Yo?

You must start at the beginning.

If you’ve dieted for most of your life you will be an expert. I call you a "Diet Diva" in my free downloadable course! GET IT HERE

You need to unlearn some of those rules you have learnt.

Strip it all back to the beginning and make it simply sustainable #sustainablesimplicity!

Something that may have worked for you in the past, perhaps is not working for you now. Why? Are you just not trying? My guess is you are. Your circumstances are different.

You need some wins and you therefore need an approach that is so simple it can not fail.


Write down all the things you think your SHOULD be doing to achieve the perfect ideal you have set out in your head.

Now make it EASIER

Make it so easy you know you cannot fail.

Stop asking yourself which PLAN should I go for? And start asking which plan of ACTION is so easy I know I can not fail.

This is tough isn’t it?

I bet you’re sitting there thinking “but I’ll never get any results!”

“That’s just not tough enough”

“I SHOULD be able to eat healthy. I SHOULDle to follow this plan. I SHOULD be able to turn up and workout at the gym every day. I SHOULD be able to prep my meals, get to bed early, drink a shed load of water, keep my hand out of the biscuit tin……”


But the thing is, non of that is working for you right now. This way sucks! So what are you going to do? Just keep trying the old way in the hope that something will change? Or are you going to try a new way. Take a risk. What’s the worse thing that could happen? The old ineffective way will always be there waiting for you.

You need some wins.

Take some baby steps. They’re not sexy and exciting. But when have you ever met a master who became an expert over night?

Zig Zag You don’t become an expert without being a beginner first. For many of us we remain a beginner all our lives, because we refuse to do this the right way. The slow way. The way that requires some work on you trusting yourself, the process and doing some inner work.

Becoming a master starts with being a masterful beginner.


*Write down all the things that concern you the most right now about your diet.

*Which one concerns you the most? Which is the biggest saboteur?

*What COULD you do to change this?

*What ONE thing will you now do consistently next week to change your outcome?

Let me know how you get on. 

Allison (unsexy baby steps) Harding


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