How did you get on identifying that main saboteur last week? Did you take a little bit of time out to identify it? Or are you still fighting the fire?  

"I stay up too late so those carvings just consume me" 

"I start the day with just a caffeine fix. I don't think it's helping me much" 

"I'm hardly drinking any water...Derrrrr!"

"I'm always in a rush to eat my food"

The list goes on, but those were some of the responses I got from last week from you guys. Just being aware of these simple "not so helpful habits" is a great starting point and I know that some of you have started to do things differently. Good on ya!

So this week I have a Challenge for you.

This weekend


When I say protein I'm talking about complete protein. The food contains an adequate proportion of all nine amino acids! Bahhh you don't need to know that!

But you do need to know that I am referring to 

meats, fish, poultry, milk, eggs,

If you are vegetarian the following also contain high proportions of protein.  

Chick peas, Kidney beans, cauliflower, pumpkin seeds, cashews, quinoa, pistachios, black eyed beans, soy.

Why is it important to consume these foods?  

  • They fill you up
  • Your body actually works harder to break down and use Protein
  • You become more metabolically active, so you burn more calories at rest!
  • It will help you combat carvings and make more sane choices in the moment.


Why a palm full? 

This is the amount a woman needs to consume at every meal. More or less, but we're not going to split hairs here! That's just not helpful!

Men = 2 palms (their palm size)..Please don't starve the man in your life!!!

Try it

Take a moment to monitor your hunger, cravings and energy levels. 

And I mean just asking yourself "Do I feel more in control?"

That's it. 

Could you continue to do this next week? Next month? Next year?


Then you've made ONE powerful step towards establishing a simply effective way to start feeling your very best! Finding the GLOW!

Let me know how you get on?

Until next week!

Allison "Protein Princess" Harding!

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