Zig Zag Above is a post I popped on my business page yesterday, did you see it? 


A lady PM’d me saying that my reply sounded really smug, as if I was poking FUN at ladies who struggle to lose weight, and acting as if I am "better than.."


I don’t find it FUNNY when I read slogans that say you can lose 2 stone in a month and keep it off forever. I don’t find it FUNNY when ladies are prescribed bland chicken and soggy asparagus for the rest of their lives. I don’t find it FUNNY when plans and experts tell you that there is only one way to lose weight and get in shape, and if you can’t do it then you’re just not trying hard enough!


And it’s absolutely not FUNNY when you become so obsessed with food every second of the day, living In a mental prison of SHOULDs and SHOULDN’Ts, and you don’t even know how you got there, or worse how to get out!


And finally, the PERFECTIONIST all or nothing black or white attitude the diet industry represents is not FUNYY. It stinks!


So, no making FUN, really wasn't my intention. I invited the lady to join my inner circle. Ladies like yourself who receive my email each week. Sometimes the true meaning of a Face Book reply can be lost in the lack of characters used, if you know what I mean? She hasn't joined as yet!!


I get so many specific questions about nutrition every week from ladies who just feel stuck. How many carbs should I eat each day? What time of day should I eat them? Which Fats are good for me? Which should I avoid? Which workout is best for fat burning? What do you think of this diet? How many calories should I eat for my height and weight per day? What should my body fat % be?


I totally get why ladies ask these questions. I use to ask myself the same things. Looking for the perfect answer. It makes us feel in control. But the truth here is. I DON’T KNOW. No one could know these things.


And to be quite honest with you, I am at a point in my career after working with hundreds of ladies over 20 years – that I would be doing you a disservice if I gave you the answers to those questions. Hard RULES = FRUSTRATION.


Now I know this isn’t what you want to hear. You want a formula. A clear solution. I get that. But the truth is for you to create a simple enjoyable sustainable way of eating and exercising, YOU will have to do the work. You’ll have to firstly start. Try things. Mess up. Review. Listen to your body’s feedback and take into account sleep patterns, stress levels, hormone levels, energy, cravings, preferences….


You will have to practice awareness


All of this stuff only you can do.


But here’s what we do at Zig Zag (the last FREE Taster week of 2016 year is now open by the way)


We hold your hand. Guide you in the right direction. Ask you questions that perhaps you haven’t been brave enough in the past to ask yourself. This enables you to smash through those barriers. You’ll have accountability. You’ll need to check in with us. You’ll have all my knowledge, experience, strategies and tools at your finger tips to create the perfect solution for YOU.


Nutrition and exercise is often overwhelming: just tell me what to do!


But by telling you exactly what to eat we would be making the problem worse. We would be delaying your ability to succeed.


We would be doing you a huge disservice.


We would be denying you a huge opportunity.


And so, the last Forever Kick Start Challenge begins w/c 7th November with a FREE Taster Week. It's a sprint. 6 weeks. This takes us up to Christmas. Yes, you'll be feeling a whole lot better than you do now, and NO you won't have dropped 3 stone! Perhaps ONE? But you will definitely be better equipped to handle Christmas and truly enjoy feeling your very best this year. If this autonomy and introspective journey appeals to you (or maybe you are—like I was—just sick and tired of following rules join us


The goal is to buckle down in order to reap the long-term benefits. I guess not a novel concept—delayed gratification - it’s certainly not a sexy one. Lol. But the LONG TERM outlook certainly is!


I want to share some of the curriculum with you so you know exactly what you are getting into. It might be for you, it might not. Totally fine either way.


Here you go. We dig into

  • Designing Your 3 Daily’s
  • Awareness of your triggers
  • Troubleshooting Cravings in Real Time
  • Mindfulness and Ignoring the Itch!
  • Overindulgence Troubleshooting
  • Trusting Yourself and Trusting the Process
  • Mindset Tools
  • Mastering Willpower
  • Overcoming the Comparison Trap
  • Owning Your Food Choices
  • Abundance versus Scarcity Mindset
  • Honoring your messups
  • Thoughts on “Eating Freely”
  • How to raise metabolism


This is in addition to the 2 fat burning face to face training sessions per week, educational videos, online nutrition coaching group, supermarket tour and AT HOME workouts stored on the Zig Zag membership site. But don’t worry about being overwhelmed—I walk you through the entire process in bite-sized chunks so that you can actually implement.



We won’t be doing the work for you. We won’t be giving you meal plans to follow. I won’t be giving you hard and fast yesses and nos. And I won’t be trying to “keep you in line” or tell you that you MUST to do anything.


I will, however, be challenging you to think for yourself, to do the toughest, bravest work, the things that the 7-day detoxers aren’t ready for yet.


And I will guide you to creating what will work for you, for the final time.


You are one of my inner circle ladies! Because you have been so loyal I am also throwing in a 20 minute coaching call for you. Sign up today and we can jump on the phone and start to get some clarity  right away. You could get clear on your first steps straight away….Just send me a reply to this email once you've signed up! 


Bye for now

Allison (I don't find this stuff funny, But I do have fun doing it!) Harding

PS Here's that join up link..It's a FREE week by the way!