Hey there!


I have a little Challenge for you today…But more about that in a bit.


I’m in Newcastle this weekend with my Mum visiting Katie at Uni. Super excited to spend some time with her and hear all her news. Well, at least the stuff she wants to share with us! (Ha!)


I'm going to be totally out of my groove in terms of exercise and eating this weekend. 


As you know I take great pride in Zig Zag workouts being effective in terms of fat loss and feel greatness (!). But they MUST also be time efficient. No one, me included has endless time (or desire) to strut round a gym forever or run a half marathon every other day!


No thanks!


The other essential element for me is ENJOYMENT and that’s where the small group women only “thang” comes in. Us ladies are good at keeping each other going aren’t we? We don’t need added testosterone!


But sometimes you can’t have the PERFECT scenario. Sometimes you just have to get it done on your own.


A bit like me this weekend.


I need an imperfect DOABLE solution.


No equipment and only 20 minutes to spare..(I’m planning on hitting the shops and coffee stops)….But whatever I do HAS to be worth my effort!


I never want to dread a workout and when I know it’s going to be short and also kind of non-monotonous, I’m much more likely to be compliant, and DO IT!


So I want to share one of the Zig Zag Graduate workouts with you today. It’s one of the AT HOME workouts they get every month.



This workout is an interval. No equipment needed. Work hard for a few seconds and then rest. Rinse and repeat! A great fat burner. Helps to raise your metabolism so that you burn more calories at rest. BOOM!


Listen to your body, adjust and honour exactly where you are in this moment, because that's perfect! It's the *concept* of the workout that I want to get a feel for.


CLICK HERE to get access. I would love love LOVE for you to try it out, and then respond back with how you did.


Let me know:

  • How did you feel doing it?
  • Was it too hard/too easy?
  • Did it feel like enough (remember, its only 20 mins)? Or did you need more?
  • How did you adjust the workout if you did?
  • Anything feel “off” or strange or disorienting?
  • Did you get lots of weird looks from any on lookers? ;)


Write me anything and everything you want me to know about your experience. I am taking all feedback!


Finally, I want to share some feedback that I have been getting from women reading my blogs: “ I  finally feel okay about my 20-30 minute workouts! I don’t know why I felt bad about not doing an hour ,I just haven’t got the time to go to the gym but this is confirmation that what I’m doing is useful.”


I love this and I loathe it.


I love it because … YES!


But I also loathe it because it reminds me that the mentality of needing to be in the gym for an hour or else it’s not worth it, is still alive and well. This is such an unhelpful mindset. Who on earth came up with the rule that an effective workout MUST be 1hr long anyway?


I’m sure you agree with the slogan “Every little bit counts?”, so why does it sometimes feel like it doesn’t?


Why do we feel like if we can’t go “all out”, we might as well just give up? Why does it feel like if we aren’t perfect with our nutrition then we might as well eat everything in sight and start again next week?


This all-or-nothing mentality is a huge consistency trap.


Think about it, what’s better: exercising for 20 minutes 4 times a week or exercising once a week for an hour and a 1/2?


I would argue the former.Not only because it will elicit better results, but because it will build a habit ( and a body) that will serve you later


Something isn’t nothing.


Those ladies that have THAT GLOW are not PERFECT all the time. Their health, fitness and wellbeing is built through days, months and years of simply doing their best, showing up as best they can, and prioritizing consistency.


Being a little less perfect will help you be a little more compliant.


So try the attached workout and respond back to let me know how you did! I read every single email and you would be doing me a huge favour if you did.


Have a great rest of the weekend, and as always, let me know if there’s anything I can help you with!


Allison (in Toon!) Harding


PS next week I'll be letting you see inside the Zig Zag Camp warts and all! 

CLICK HERE for that workout!