Wow imagine that!

Imagine actually giving YOURSELF permission to do that, and NOT feel GUILTY or frustrated with yourself!

I have a Challenge for you today…But more about that in a bit....

I am talking to you Zig Zag if you're constantly trying to be GOOD around food. If you Who just seem to THINK about it all the time. If you see food as GOOD or BAD?  

If you're embarking on a full on weight loss mission for health, emotional, fitness, well being reasons for which you need to be super motivated, then perhaps I’m not talking to you right now!

Why? Because as I explained to a client this morning weight LOSS is ONLY ONE small part of the journey. NOT the rest of your life. The rest of your life you must to "long term" and get off the constant diet and binge merri go round. That's just plain exhausting! Find out how to live in the middle. That place where you’re chilled around food. Where you enjoy how you eat and can effortlessly MAINTAIN your happy weight, great health and that fabulous glow!

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Back to your favourites…


What’s your poison? You know, that thing that you say you just can’t live without?


For me It’s chocolate and bread. But if I’m pushed to choose, it would be chocolate, defo!


If I said that you could have 500 calories of THAT food every day would you feel satisfied?


What if I said you could have THAT food every day and still maintain your weight, health happiness and well-being?


Would that be ok? More than ok?


Let’s look at this a little closer.


A small bar of Dairy Milk Chocolate 100g contains approx 500 calories. Would that satisfy you (if your THING is chocolate) especially during those tricky times; after dinner or say half way through the afternoon?


I’d take a bet that it would. I bet you would also be able to stay on track with the rest of your food choices for the day KNOWING that you have your favourite indulgence after dinner or whenever you choose?


By taking the feelings of DEPRIVATION away, you can relax. Stop focusing on trying to avoid BAD food ALL day. Stop using WILL POWER, which eventually tires and you end up going ALL IN to reward yourself for being good or surviving another tough day!


If the worst thing you do is eat 500 calories of your favourite food daily, I can guarantee you that doing that every day will be far more effective for your LONGTERM results. Less stress around food. Less deprivation. Less thinking about food. Less TRYING to be super tight all week and then going ALL IN FRIDAY THROUGH SUNDAY.


So here’s your Challenge:


Get your "poison" in the house! Approx 500 calories.


Get enough for a full portion every day of next week.


Write down or take pictures of everything you eat and drink each day AND note down how you feel….IMPORTANT. Do you relax a little about your food? Do you stop thinking about it, just a bit?


You’re aiming to base the rest of your diet on protein (one portion at every meal), veggies (5 portions a day) and 2-3 litres of water a day.

Add in “a little” good fat, “a little” sugar eg starches (potatoes, pasta, rice, beans….)


Of course, this is a practice.


But you have to start somewhere.


Could this work for you?


As always, I’ve got your back.


Let me know how you get on!


Allison ( I love chocolate) Harding


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