One lady's summary of the Challenge I set you last week!

How did you do Zig Zag? 

Admittedly The Challenge was tricky. 

When you're so use to either trying to eat perfectly or be super good and keep away from the "naughty" stuff, living in the middle just feels so wrong doesn't it? 

To recap

The Challenge was to give yourself permission to have a small amount of the food you crave the most EVERYDAY (approx 500 calories.) And keep it in the house!

Tough. I know. 

But this is a practice. 

"In what exactly?" I hear you say "Will power?"


No. Mindfulness. Gah! THAT word again. It really doesn't sit all that well with me. Desperate to come up with something punchy that means the same but a bit less "Woo Woo!" - Know what I mean? If you have any ideas, let me know!

Anyway, all it means to me is *thinking* about something IN THE MOMENT. It's about presence and awareness. And unlike obsession, which is extreme awareness to the point of complete willpower drainage, mindfulness can actually help INCREASE your willpower.

Like anything new, it takes time to master and you're going to MESS UP!


The lady I mentioned at the top emailed me...

"I Just couldn't do it. I ended up indulging in my "poison" as you put it, and then went out to buy MORE the next day and the next...a miserable fail"


Firstly, let's "normalise" the situation. I explained to this lady that going off the rails like this was totally normal. She's human. It had nothing to do with her being "weak willed" and "incapable" as she suggested. This is a practice. And to expect that she was going to go from "All or Nothing" to a balanced "Always Something" in in 5 days was crackers. 


Why did I set you this Challenge? 


It helps to move you away from the idea of scarcity around food and gets you to practice awareness in the moment. 


When you TOTALLY indulge in food, to some degree you believe that at some point THAT thing will no longer be available to you, or off limits, so you just MUST indulge right now, and the consequences be damned!


"I'm at the cinema. They sell popcorn. In big bags. When's the next time I'm going to have this opportunity? I don't know. Oh well, I may as well go for it" 

"I'm at my favourite restaurant. Gah! There's the chocolate fondant with vanilla ice-cream and cream and a chocolate sculpted heart! It's their special TONIGHT! When will they ever make that again?"

"I've totally indulged over Christmas and New Year and now were out celebrating my niece's birthday. Never mind, it's only one more night and TOMORROW I'm culling the cupboards!"


We've all had times like this haven't we? 

When you think back to it, those times when you've overindulged in the moment, did you actually ENJOY the whole experience? Did you continue TASTING the delicious chocolate ALL the way through to the last spoonful, or COULD you have gone a little slower and perhaps stopped before the end? But because it was in front of you, you finished it ALL? 


So normal. 


But this experience is the opposite to mindfulness. 

Could you have asked " How do I feel inside? Could I "Ignore the Itch™" (Ha! a Zig Zag term I am a little proud of!) and TRUST that you can actually have something more later if you so want it?  

Let's face it, these days, if you've just GOT TO HAVE chocolate, or whatever it is, you can go and get it. Any time. Any place. Any where. Scarcity isn't REALLY real. 


Could you accept that in the moment your emotional monkey brain is telling you to reach for the chocolate bar at the checkout. Giving you concrete reasons why you just deserve it, why you need it, why you should just do it damn it! Could you ignore the itch get back in the car and if you're still hungry 10 minutes later have the snack that you already have in your bag that you know you like, and that is far less of a train crash than the family pack of Maltesers???


What's that thing that you could have in your bag? What's that tool?


I'm doing a series of short punchy videos next week over in my Face Book support group #AntiFad #HappierHealth all about SNACKING. Should you or shouldn't you? How can it HELP with weight loss? What could you do to prevent the snack monster taking over? What about the 4 O'clock dip? How do you navigate that? 

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Let's face it Zig Zag you can TRY and follow the most PERFECT diet, but if you can't implement it consistently enough to start to change your behaviours, it's just not going to be effective. The goal should always be EFFORTLESS automation, and to get to this point you need to ENJOY how you do things and step off the "All or Nothing" obsessive platform.


Is it easy to do? No, it's not. Is it doable? Absolutely, with the the right strategies, tools and support.


Always got your back...


Allison (always something...) Harding! 


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