"If you could sort out ONE eating habit that your struggle with, what would it be?"


I asked that question 2 weeks ago on Face Book, and SNACKING was the answer... 


All this week in #AntiFad #HappierHealth (my FREE support group for savvy women who are ready to level up with their health, fitness and weight loss) we've been attacking the sancking! I've been giving them all my tricks, tools and strategies to nail this baby and make it work for them! Interested? CLICK HERE 


One lady from the group emailed me. She was really excited to share the progress she had made. I really loved hearing from her so much that I decided to share it with you.


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You will be pushed ! So I really only want you to enroll if you are truly ready to make a long-term change. If you are someone who is constantly jumping from plan to plan, please assess your preparedness for this long-view program.


If you have any questions, let me know! But the places are going quickly and we will be FULL before Santa makes his 2016 appearance. In January I will be opening up registration for March. 



Next up, what my lady wrote me:


"On Wednesday I went out with the family. It was lovely evening, and I found myself ordering a pizza. I also ordered an extra 2 side salads, not something I would have done in the past! As a result of listening to your video on Monday I decided to raise the nutritional value of what I was eating, eat more "green stuff" and see if it would satisfy me more. I wasn’t convinced that it would work, but I did it anyway. Now normally in the past I would have also said "stuff it, I’m already eating BAD (pizza) so I may as well go ALL IN and have dessert too. But I didn’t and I feel so proud of myself. I know this isn’t a huge step, but it is for me. Thank you!”


What do you think?


Would you call this a win?


This is such a great insight isn’t it?


3 years ago , my  all or nothing brain would have said.."But you still had the pizza - where's your will power girl?" "What do you mean, you're pleased with yourself? What are your goals? You still gave in to your will power. We need to have a word!"


I am totally embarrassed to write that right now, but this is indeed how I would have thought back then. But clearly this is a HUGE win for this lady and who am I to judge her.


But more than that…


I talk about living in the grey area, making moderate choices every day of the year, ditching the all or nothing mindset and it confuses some ladies. Why? Because they just can’t see HOW they could do this?


But what this lady has just described is EXACTLY where you start.


You don’t go from seeking PERFECTION with your choices to settling for good enough (consistently) overnight. You start with just getting BETTER. And those choices increase, multiply and grow overtime until they becomes effortless.


Has the all or nothing approach worked for you in the past?


It rarely does. So why, oh why, are you still trying to do it?


Saying that you will just try harder this time – (perhaps you’re planning this for January?) Is a total cop out. It’s actually lazy thinking, why? Because it takes no thought what so ever. You KNOW that if you try to achieve the impossible, it just won’t happen, yet you’re not prepared to try a different way. A way that I agree has no guarantees, but neither does the classic diet and binge cycle. You’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. Aren’t you worth just applying a little bit of mindfulness, getting support and nailing this effortless baby????


Start by making a choice that’s just a LITTLE bit better than you normal decision in the moment.


You will be compelled to revert to the norm, the extremes, but just slow things down a little and do something different..


Here’s what it could look like:


  • First you skip the bread basket
  • Next you skip the chips and opt for 2 extra sides of greens
  • Then maybe a few weeks from now you choose the highest protein meal on the menu with added greens and a great sauce.
  • And on and on and on


Take each win and move on.


Instead of beating yourself up for falling off the wagon AGAIN…


Consistency is key. You MUST give yourself permission to never eat PERFECTLY ever again if you want to be CONSISTENT. The two things are mutually exclusive. You can have one but you can’t have both.


It feels risky doesn't it? 


When we are following tight rules we feel in control. When we throw those rules away we feel like we are dancing in the dark! We don’t know the outcome. But think about it. You KNOW that if you TRY and be perfect AGAIN it will only last short amount of time. You KNOW that outcome.


Are you happy to just keep jumping on and off the wagon and NEVER really master this? How would it feel to save your precious thoughts and emotions for something MUCH more important in your life like enjoying your family & friends rather than being preoccupied with your one minute expanding and then shrinking waistline? 


Could you trust yourself to find a way to eat ad exercise that you love forever?


This is indeed a practice. 


But start by doing BETTER. Rather than being PERFECT. 


The old way of diet and binge will always be there.

It’s not going any where


What have you got to lose?


Need some help with this??


You Know where I am..


January is filling up 


Jump on board before its too late.



For all the ladies who have already enrolled in the Forever Kick Start Challenge for Jan 2017, I cannot WAIT to get started with you  and if you are on the fence, be sure you decide before Santa comes!


As always, happy to answer any questions.


Allison (striving for BETTER) Harding


Here's that link if you missed them all earlier on! CLICK HERE