You may have heard me talk about my repulsion of perfectionism a bit!..Ha! I do tend to bang on about it , in fact Zig Zag Graduates actually have #PerfectlyImperfect embroidered on their very smart workout vests!


Striving for Perfection keep us small. It’s an illusion that continues to make us feel "not-good-enough"


Now a days I reach for imperfection. I look forward to my mess ups. There is ALWAYS room to grow and improve. Your "messups" just magnify where you need to focus your energy to get better.


I can honestly say that the last 3 years have been the busiest, most frantic, juggling, years of my life and the MESSIEST..


With 2016 nearly over, here are some of my biggest mess-ups both in terms of business, family life and health and fitness this year


A few highlights:


Arriving at the East Midlands Airport to check in for our flight to only realise that we should actually have been in Birmingham! And yes, if you are reading this , thinking it sounds familiar..I have done this before, about 4 years ago!


Arriving in Shropshire to deliver a talk to some newly graduated Personal Trainers to only turn on my lap top and realise that I had wiped my presentation clean the night before! Gulp!


Standing in front of 150 ladies at a lunch to talk about hormones and fat loss and totally freezing for what felt like a life time.


Shopping in Waitrose after just finishing a Zig Zag Supermarket Tour and being “caught out” with a trolley full of pizza, beer, crisps and fizzy drinks by an ex client! Gah!


Sitting in Starbucks with the biggest latte, panini and chocolate muffin in front of me and a new client walks in (the muffin wasn’t mine….) then seeing her again in the cinema with a huge bucket full of popcorn in my hand AND a coke Gah!!!!!….


Sitting in front of my business coach who I respect A LOT..talking about Apple (the company, not the fruit!) and saying “Well, it’s a good that Steve Jobs is still alive..he’s not going anywhere any time soon!”..I really shouldn’t be trying to talk about stuff that doesn’t interest me!!!


And of course


Sending numerous text messages to the wrong recipient…actually told a male client that “I loved him and that I was looking forward to our weekend away..just us!!” C’mon this happens to you too?


That’s only a few of the literally hundreds of mess-ups, challenges, victim-moments and “OMG ground please swallow me up moments” of 2016--some much bigger and some smaller.


But here’s the thing:


I can honestly say I have learned more about myself and laughed at myself more in 2016 than in any other year. It’s been transformative.


But does that mean that I’ll not make some even bigger mistakes in 2017? Hope not…


Without them we remain stagnant and struggling.


I am always telling my Zig Zag ladies "Just take ACTION." The more you struggle, the more you’ll see where you need the work. The more you’ll adjust and the more you’ll grow.


So often we are looking for the PERFECT diet or exercise plan. But


Perfect is boring...and an illusion. 


Reading about people eating perfectly out of Tupperware for every meal, prepping their food a week ahead, making green smoothies and NEVER having any trouble is not only uninspiring, but I DON’T believe it! It keeps ladies struggling as they believe that is what they MUST do to succeed.




Send me ONE single awesomely non-perfect thing that happened in 2016. I want the embarrassing, painful, weird, silly and uncomfortable moments. Gimme. Like Brené Brown says, “shame can't survive being spoken”


Have a great weekend.


Allison #PerfectlyImperfect" Harding


"I now MOVE in my jeans!" a comment from a Superstar Forever Kick Start Challenge lady last week. If you fancy starting an imperfect, REAL,long lasting, funny, supportive fat loss journey in 2017 CLICK HERE