Over the next few weeks 


I'm going to be emailing you with tips and tricks to help you keep your weight gain to a

minimum over the festive period


And each time 


I'll be throwing in a little gift for you.


You'll find the first one at the end of this email


But before you check that out,

let me ask you something


'What's THE one thing that you want to happen in the New Year?


What is it that you'll be aiming for in 2017?


Hit reply and let me know because I'd love to help you if I can, especially if it's got

anything to do with women's health and wellness, as that's where my passion lies. 


This year over 100 Warwickshire ladies have been involved in the Zig Zag Program,

progressing from the Forever Kick Start Challenge to the "Graduates" and some onto

the super accountable "Project ABC Program." All of them Superstars! All of them

moving forwards with their health fitness and well being.


Here are a few of them enjoying our Christmas celebration earlier this


In 2017 we're going to help even more ladies. Are you going to be one of them?

if you're planning to get involved  in January you need to act quickly 


>>Only 7 places left on the Forever Kick Start Challenge starting in January<<


This is the Zig Zag introductory program. A small group, women only fat loss nutrition

and effective exercise coaching program. You are armed with all my best tools and

strategies to finally discover your own effective enjoyable and effortless way to start

feeling your very best. Not only that, but you get the support you need to actually

follow through on your intentions this time!


Lots of you have been making enquiries and 17 ladies are already signed up and

getting my support already as they head towards Christmas.


The doors to this FREE Taster week will be closing on 23rd December and won’t be opening again until March so if you would like to jump on board Here’s the link.


And so to that Christmas gift. 


Zig Zag's 3 Day Christmas De Bloat


It’s is a suuuuuper-simple 3 day program helping you to feel FANTASTIC at your Christmas parties this year....


This is not a sustainable weight loss system. It's simply a focused nutrition plan, and intense exercise routine requiring you harness your willpower and focus for a couple days.


Had a binge-y weekend or attended too many parties?

This will help you shed the water that you might have gained as a result!

Just click HERE to get it.


It's my way of saying THANK YOU for sticking with me this year, following my blogs, watching my videos, and investing in my products.


Next week we will be looking at the booze......How can you enjoy a tipple or 2 and not pile on the pounds? Plus another Christmas gift for you to open early.





Allison "off to visit Katie my daughter today and attack the Christmas shopping!” Harding  xx