This short sentence that hit me like a train this week.


"Regrets? Gah! No!...."


I was sitting with some of our recently graduates Kick Starters reviewing

the last 6 weeks.  


The question I had asked was ..


“What went well?”


I have to say I was thrown a little. Even though, I sort of expected it!


So why was I thrown?


By this lady’s utter bravery to just say it out loud…..exactly as it was!...


Sitting there listening to the positive steps everyone else was celebrating,

it would have been soooo easy to have just “sugar coated” her experience.


But no, she hit us right between the eye balls! And I don’t think she even realises that

her AWARENESS and HONESTY in that moment COULD indeed be her biggest SUCCESS,

if she allows it to be!


Zig Zag is not a comply or die program.

You know the sort..

Stick to the rules. No cheats. No going off plan.  

If you mess up, there is no solution for you because you just have to be compliant!



For years, I taught nutrition exactly like the above.

And I use the word “taught” very lightly.

Because to be honest, I wasn’t that interested in it.

Even with my sciencey back ground I truly believed that people

just needed to move more.

Burn those excess calories and stop being so lazy!


I was in no place really to give advice because I was stuck myself in a

world of excess exercise.

I exercised precisely so I could eat whatever I wanted.


I didn’t understand the true psychology of change.


In my head I was constantly saying to myself and my clients


“Try harder” and “Have more will power”.


I see now how lazy and unoriginal I was being.

This approach leaves no room for growth,learning, ownership or longevity.

It keeps you dependent on “experts” and struggling.


Is Will power important?


Yes ofcourse it is.

But you don’t go from no will power to a bucket load in 6 weeks/6 months.

As you practice. It develops.


Most ladies need some wiggle room. Some time to work it out. Some time to mess up.

Adjust and figure it all out. The path to success isn’t always linear…..It’s a Zig Zag.


I digress….


Back to the "regrets."


Many people are happy to live with regret – another word for unhappiness.

Most choose to remain in that place rather than be brave

and step forwards with uncertainty.

No one can tell you what the outcome of your effort will be.

The only thing you can be sure of is that if you keep doing what you’ve always done,

you will always get what you’ve always got!

Safe? Yes. But is that what you REALLY want? Only you know the answer to that one!


If you want to change anything in your life, the first step is to

BELIEVE that change is indeed possible.

Are you ready?

What is it about the way you are doing things right now that is so appealing to you?

What are you so unwilling to let go of? What do you think you will lose by changing?

Loss is a part of success.

When you say YES to something you always say NO to something else.


“YES I will take control of my snacking. So I MUST say NO to the packet of biscuits”

“YES I will be consistent with my exercise. So I MUST say NO to meeting my friends every morning for a coffee”

“YES I will improve my sleeping habits. So I MUST say NO to late nights surfing the web”


Do you have to be perfect? Do you have to resist the whole packet of biscuits?

Stop going for coffee EVERY DAY? Go to bed by 10 pm every night?

Of course not.

But you have to start somewhere.

And that somewhere has to be a point at which you are at least 90%

confident that you can deliver on your promise to yourself.


Just eat ½ the packet of biscuits.

Meet your friends 3 times a week.

Go to bed before 10 pm twice this week….



NO. Is it doable? Perhaps?

But again YOU need to try it. Mess up. Adjust. Keep going


As long as it’s an improvement on what you have been consistently doing,

you’ll get progress.


We are approaching January.

The time when 90% of those people around you will be tightening up.

Most will fall by the wayside before the end of the month.


I encourage you this January to resist the temptation to jump on the wagon.

Chose a more moderate sustainable approach.


Perpetuating the lie that perfection IS POSSIBLE will just keep you struggling for longer.


I get that you want some quick wins in January.

You feel a little sluggish after the festivities.

Your jeans are a little tight.

But will a month of deprivation help to get you "back on track" and more mindful,

or will it send you into a bigger binge in February

due to the restrictive nature of your approach? 


At the heart of your success is a realisation that this is indeed a PROCESS not a PLAN.

You’re success depends on how patient and introspective you can be.

Over time, it starts to be effortless.


Someone asked me yesterday

“What do you do at Zig Zag that is so different? What’s your USP?”


My answer.... “I help ladies to develop the skills to do it on their own”.


And that Zig Zag is the ultimate goal..for you to LOVE the way you OWN IT!


Have a great Christmas.


This is my last email to you this year.

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unfit, sluggish, invisible and lethargic before they took the brave step to level up with

themselves, and seek expert support. 

Allison x


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