And still enjoy the rest of the festivities


Okay, so you're probably thinking 

there's not much point

in even trying to be good right now.

Probably best to wait until January 1st?


It's Christmas after all, right?

And you're absolutely spot on Zig Zag


I agree that Christmas day is all about

having what you want

eating and drinking too much

and enjoying yourself


But for so many people

Christmas Day turns into

a whole week of 'bingefestation'

   ^^^ it's a word, honest ^^^


Hoovering up the leftover chocolates, sweets

cheese, biscuits and mince pies

like there's some sort of famine coming.

This only add inches to your already bloated tummy


So here's a few of my tips to banish that bloat

and help you drop a couple of pounds

before the bell strikes midnight on New Years Eve


Drink More Water

No, tonic water in your gin doesn't count ;-)


Try to get a couple of litres of water in you every day

as you're bound to be dehydrated from all the merry making


Get Some Exercise

Ok so maybe you don't want to hit the gym

but you can get outside in the fresh air

and get a workout in even if it’s only a brisk walk


Eat Your Greens

Step away from the heavy carbs for a few days (potatoes, bread, etc) 


Instead pile your plate full of salad greens 

and serve it up with some slices of cold meat

or cook up some eggs and spinach 


Get An Early Night

With the party season in full swing

you're probably going to be staying up later than usual

even if you're not going 'out out'

you'll be watching Christmas TV until the small hours


Treat yourself to an early night, run a bath

read a book and give your body a chance to recover


Get Accountable

Ok, so saying you'll do it

and actually getting it done

are 2 completely different things.


Tell as many people in your house about your intentions.

Write it on a chalk board.

Pin it on the fridge.

Just get it out there!


Accountability is the key to consistent ACTION.

I would argue that it’s THE most important ingredient

For long lasting success.

No one but no one is ALWAYS motivated to

pitch up and do their best.

A quick nudge in the right direction can work wonders

For your consistency.



That's exactly what will happen

when you join us on our

8 week Forever Kick Start Challenge




Where not only will you get my help

to get you started on your weight loss journey


But you'll be working alongside a small group of like-minded ladies.

You all start at the same point, and this makes for powerful accountability.


During the FREE Taster Week You’ll get

A simple step by step

easy to follow nutrition plan

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You'll join your small group, no more than 8 for

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We start slowly so no need to be nervous here,

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You’ll get a place in the online nutrition coaching room.

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You’ll get access to 3 fat loss education videos.

Finally understand where you’ve been going wrong in the past

And no, it’s not a matter of just eat less, move more!



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What have you got to lose?





Allison 'Got Your Back' Harding



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