“Your success is a result of ALL of your Choices”


I read this yesterday and boy did it stick Zig Zag.

And when something sticks for me I know its important!


At this time of year we all start thinking about NYRs

New Years Resolutions


To Do lists



I truly despise them all. In the traditional sense of the word.


They all focus  solely on OUTCOMES and not the mundane, boring, monotonous things

we need to do day in day out in order to achieve our dreams. 


I get it.


A strap line of 

"What small, seemingly insignificant things can you do this year to change your life? " 

really doesn’t wash does it? It doesn't get you going....


Planning to join a new fancy gym

Get a hot PT

Get the latest celebrity weight loss plan

Exercise DVD

Lotion, potion, Pill

enter a ½ Marathon in April...


I get it, It's far more exciting. But is it motivating....long term?  


How about doing things differently in 2017. The old way will always be there.

You can always go back to the comfort of All or Nothing

But If you’ve attempted the "glitzy" approach in the past and stumbled by the way side

Why do it again? and again and again? 


Next year start by asking yourself 2 questions

1. “How do I want to FEEL by this time next year?”

2. What small step could I take EVERYDAY, starting TODAY, RIGHT NOW.

Something pivotal that will make a HUGE difference to me by this time next year?   


Here’s an example...


I have a client. Let’s call her Jane.

She started the Forever Kick Start Challenge last year.

Through the coaching session she brainstormed her barriers.

Those things that had held her back for years.

Stopped her from getting what she REALLY wanted.

Everything from eating to drinking to exercise to mindset habits.



I asked her to pick ONE thing that she could do every day for the next year

Something that would make a huge difference to her results.


Initially she went for EXERCISE “I’ll exercise every day”


After MANY questions and self-challenges she decided that this was a bad idea.

There’s no way she was going to do this.


After 1 hr, she came up with WATER.

2-3 litres of water EVERY single day for the next year.


She decided that she could do this.


She wasn’t convinced initially that this would make a lot of difference to her weight loss.

"For goodness sake my goal is to lose 4 stone! How is water going to help that?" 


But I knew that it would, and I knew her belief in herself and the process

would grow as she went through the program.


Her focus on drinking the water would

  1. make her body more metabolically active
  2. Burn more fat
  3. Make her less sluggish, more energized
  4. Help to stop the cravings
  5. Keep her fuller
  6. Keep her focused on something else other than snacking (her big down fall)
  7. Make her hair skin teeth eyes look more glowing


All of the above would make her more motivated to KEEP GOING

and be consistent with her actions. Why? Because I knew that she would start to

feel BETTER about herself, VALUE herself and start to feel FABULOUS.


And do you know what? She did it.


Was she perfect? Absolutely not.

But when I asked her before Christmas to rate herself out of 10 for her challenge

she gave herself an 8 out of 10.

80% compliant.

Far better than the 10% compliance to the weight loss programs

she has attempted in the past.

Oh and Yes, she lost 2 ½ stone (and kept it off) in a year.

Not the 4 stone. But far more than she had achieved in the past following her

"all or nothing" approach, depriving herself, berating herself and slowly gaining

more weight year after year.  


Here’s her success in her own words




And here's a couple of other ladies talking about their experience in their own words




Your results are the culmination of ALL your choices.

Approaching eating and exercise with an all-or-nothing mentality

will keep you struggling long-term. 


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Allison (making realistically powerful choices) Harding