Happy New Year Zig Zag !!!!

Is it too late to say that? When do we stop?


I know I’ve been absent for a good few weeks.


It's been intentional !... well, a bit....It's taken a while to get back in the flow.

If you know what I mean? 


And everywhere you look since January 1st there’s been one camp telling you to implement an entire lifestyle overhaul and another telling you to forget resolutions and just be "normal."


As you know, I am in the “be normal” camp. BUT can you get results coming at weight loss from this “softie” angle?


I think this is where you get scared. You don’t believe that you can possibly have a good relationship with food and still get the body you want. As a result you get obsessive about your choices, cling on to your will power for as long as possible in the hope that THIS TIME you will just be better.


You don’t achieve Forever Results by crash dieting


Here’s what I mean.


You may or may not remember that before Christmas a small number of my Zig Zag Graduate ladies took part in Project ABC  - Accountability Boot Camp.

A super accountable group who were prepared to take some very tangible measurements and pictures and navigate their way through a very tricky time of year making very moderate food and exercise choices.

They accepted their mess-ups. They honed their focus and were super clear as to what they wanted to achieve in just 6 weeks.


Their effort : outcome path was very clear.


We had some incredible results. Here's a couple below. 



They were all really happy and I am very proud of them. They skipped into Christmas feeling confident and happy. Brilliant. Job done!


But do you know what I am more proud of?



The fact that they had all ENJOYED the 6 weeks.


No one said.


“Gah! I’m so glad that’s over, now let’s start to enjoy myself.”

"OMG, I'm glad that's over..no more Kale!" 



Why was the enjoyment factor so important to me?


  1. It meant that they had let themselves out of that mental prison. You know the one. Where you're trying to control yourself all the time around food and predict the outcome of “being good”. They had started to trust themselves to just do their best again and again and again.


Always trying to “be good” can never be your sustainable solution



  1. They had enjoyed the whole process. And that meant that they were a step closer to finding their forever solution. After all,  If you don’t enjoy the way you do things, you're never going to keep it going long enough to see any meaningful change. 



Enjoyment is the key to just keeping going...


So to answer my question above.. “ Can you get results eating “normally?"


I think the pictures speak for themselves don’t you?


This was just 6 weeks.


I’m not saying that you’re going to discover your forever solution in 6 weeks!


That would be me joining all the rest of the "New Year, New You" noise.


It takes practice, mess-ups, resiliency and courageous work on you.


I’m not here to tell you not to Detox, “Shred”, Cleanse, “Dry January”,“Jump Start”


I firmly believe that everyone has to have their own experiences. They're valuable. From those you learn what is right for you. That’s exactly what I did years ago. And that’s exactly what many ladies have done in the past who are now working with me at Zig Zag. They’ve all had their own different experiences, and have now earned the right to be discerning because they have left no stone un turned.


Everyone needs the chance to learn some lessons and grow


So this is not an email about resolutions. Or an email about what I think you should or shouldn’t do this year. It’s an invitation. It’s a different view point. It’s permission to level up with yourself this year in 2017.


I’m going to be sharing with you each week some of the my best nutrition, mindset and exercise tips tricks and strategies I use at Zig Zag.


I don’t know what will work best for you. No expert can tell you that. You are an expert in you. But what I do know is that there is another way. A way that begins with you in the driving seat. A way that requires some simple guidelines and then a whole lot of trust in you.


The old way, relying on will power and being super tight with all your choices will always be there if you want to go back to it. So why not try something else?



I’m with you Zig Zag, Just let me know what you need.


Allison (just being normal?) Harding



PS The Forever Kick Start Challenge opens again in March with a FREE Taster week. If you’d like to practice the actual tools and strategies it takes to go from a "Pro Dieter" to someone who is no longer obsessive about their food choices and loves the way they exercise, then add your name to the wait list and I’ll make sure you get all the early details. CLICK HERE to join the list