Is it half term for you this week, or perhaps next?

My boys finish on Friday for a week, so I’ve still got this week of relative normality!

Mind you, both are teenagers now and spend far too much time in bed over the holidays (in my “Mum” opinion 😃) so half term doesn’t really affect me quite like it use to. I miss it a bit actually?


However, I don’t miss the juggle. Whenever they were on holiday  I found myself starting out really well – making a bit of time to exercise, but as the week went on, I became more and more disorganized as I became swallowed up in days out, snacks treats and eating their left overs!


If the short holiday turns your eating and fitness routine into a spin, then try these few top tips to help keep you on track.

1. Exercise early –Whilst they’re in bed. Clear an area in the living room and make exercise your first task of the day. There’s a little gift at the bottom of this email which may help.

2. If your children are younger and up at the crack of dawn, let them join in. They may get in the way a bit, but the key over the holidays is maintenance and consistency not attainment.

3.  Active with them.  – Walks in the woods, swimming, biking, playing chase, dancing …anything that gets you all moving!



So what about food?

I remember the holidays being a red alert zone for picking on snacks etc…


*Stick with your high protein, good fat meals and snacks so that you are likely to feel fuller for longer and less likely to want to pick!

*Do an online shop full of healthy snacks rather than sugary ones. Fruit , carrot sticks Hummus, Apple Slices with Nut Butter, Olives with Feta Cheese and Ham were always a hit in my house.

*Batch cooking can be a life saver. Make double portions and plan ahead so there is always something quick and clean to hand. 

*A Big Old Soup (BOS) at this time of year is always a winner. Grab a packet of casserole veg. Cook it up with some stock and herbs. .Bingo!..a hearty soup for under £2. Add some chicken to it to make it more satisfying


Here is a short AT HOME workout for you.

It is one of the first videos I made! Much longer hair! You will need a small suitcase. Some heavy books. and 2 x water bottles!!!! Take a look. A classic! 


Let me know how you get on!


Happy ½ Term!


Allison x

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