I know I know I have been sitting here trying to come up with a Valentines day email!

And that strap line was the best I could do!


I do have a little gift for you at the end of the email..so it does get better..I promise 


Your heart ❤️…is what I’m referring to ofcourse!


And just like any muscle, it responds well to good nutrition and exercise


And like any other muscle..If you don’t use it…you lose it!


And a pretty major loss at that!


Now this isn’t going to be a preachy email about what you SHOULD do


Just more of a poke in the right direction.


You don’t have to spend hours and hours in the gym and completely overhaul

your the way you eat to have a positive effect on this essential organ


But you do need to move more.


We have become a nation of expert sitters

At desks, in cars, on the sofa, in meetings, at computers..


We don’t even need to go out to get food or clothing.


And it’s killing us


If you want to keep your most vital love muscle healthy

The message is


Move everyday and improve your nutrition 


Don’t like the gym? No problem, just go for a 30 minute walk. Get outside, get some fresh air


The thought of living on Kale, egg whites, and protein shakes fills you with dread?


(who actually does this??)


Don’t panic. You don’t have to.


All you need to do is eat nutritious whole foods from as natural a source as possible 70-80%

of the time and the rest have a bit of what you fancy.


If you need help, knowing exactly what these foods look like ,

or if you would like to know more about specific metabolic exercise - the sort that helps you to

burn more calories at rest


Then get some expert advice.

 From someone who has proven results with women just like you.

 That’s me by the way! 😂


You can check out our results here if you like?

Perhaps some of these Zig Zag ladies will help to motivate you to get going?

What do you think?


Have a lovely Valentines day


Allison (heart pumping) Harding


PS Gift? Ahh yes. One of the things I get asked a lot, other than "how do I get a flat stomach?"

(that’s a convo for another time) is "how do I get and stay motivated to do this stuff?"

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Let me know....