“Run around with my children/grandchildren”

“Join that class with my friend”

“Wear only a swim suit on the beach”

“Get undressed in front of my husband”

“Play tennis”

“Go swimming”


If you’ve ever had any of these thoughts, you’re certainly not alone.


I often get comments from ladies who have seen pictures of some of the Zig Zag ladies

on social media 


“I couldn’t possibly join…I’m just not fit enough”


But here’s the thing, even some of the fittest looking ladies out there suffer from this

“I-might-not-be-fit- enough” syndrome. And more often than you might think.


So, if they need help with this, perhaps you could do with some help too?


I really think that this is worth saying.


Social media just makes this problem even more apparent. 


Up until 3 years ago I wasn’t even on any platform.

Now I use it A LOT. Mostly for business but yes, I also find myself aimlessly looking

through other people’s “PERFECT” lives, when actually I should be getting on with my

own stuff..Easily distracted, especially when the task ahead is a tough one! 😜 


But here's the thing, every time you spend time looking at other ladies amazing

recipes, fabulously perfect children (really??), incredible body, fabulous achievements ,

wonderful holidays..you take your eyes off your own page and your own progress.


There is a big difference between comparison (stacking yourself up against someone

else and feeling that you just aren’t good enough)  


And Aspiration (observing someone else doing something really well and working out

how you can replicate that in your own life, your own way.)


The thing is most of us haven’t trained ourselves to focus on what we’re good at.

Really celebrate our strengths and build on them.

We spend far too much time obsessing about our weaknesses and then feeling



That’s where Zig Zag’s approach is so different from any other weight loss program out



I can often be heard saying that the journey to sustainable feel great success

starts in the mind.

Being aware of what it is that will bring real meaningful happiness to your life is where

you must start.

Next, you dig out those reasons why you haven’t already achieved what you say 

want the most.

Then (the most important part) you take ACTION even when you’re a little uncertain.

You focus on what you CAN do, not what you feel you SHOULD.


I encourage you to honour your Ebbs and Flows.  Anticipate the difficulties so that

when they arrive it’s just

“Gah here it is just as I thought it would be, now..what can I do?"


Making meaningful change isn’t a linear process. It’s a Zig Zag. And support is key


You have a private online platform where you can share your ups and downs.

(This is where social media really works) 

Sharing is good but the real power is in the effort you then take to come up with a

solution. ACTION!


The group gives you all the support, motivation and accountability you need to get

great results and boost your ego just a little! 😀 

Click here to listen to some of the great results so far


Want to be a part of a group like this?


Then it’s time for Zig Zag..


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