Extremes are never a good idea when it comes to exercise.
Doing too much or too little delivers the same outcome eventually.
They will both set you back on your health and fitness goals.
Doing nothing, vegging out on the sofa eating cake and biscuits is stressful to the body.
But so is restricting your calorie intake and hammering your exercise for days in the
hope of getting a quick win.
Most fitness programs promise to move you from one end of the scale ( a couch
potato) to the other end of the scale ( an obsessed starved exerciser) in a set amount
of time. All outcome based. One dimensional
And even though I see the attraction. I just know it doesn’t serve us long term.
The trick is to find the #magicalmiddle.
If you are doing nothing in terms of metabolic exercise at the moment;
getting up, driving to work, sitting at your desk, drinking coffee, grabbing a sarnie,
driving home, eating dinner and watching TV because you’re exhausted the place to
start is increasing your daily steps and perhaps 2 strength training sessions a week.
If you’ve been obsessively exercising and dieting since Christmas and are now getting
stressed because the scales are no longer showing you significant fruits for your
efforts..what could you do here? Cut back! Yes you heard me.
Stop doing a heap load of spinning , aerobics , HIIT, running and swimming every
week. Become more time efficient and effective.
A couple of Strength and interval sessions plus gentle walking for a duration of over 30
minutes plus a restorative yoga or pilates session will help you balance hormones and
ultimately burn fat, particularly if you are a peri, pre or post menopausal lady.
It’s the extremes that wreck your metabolism.
And metabolism is what we are trying to manipulate. To rev up!
Trying to notch up endless calories burnt per second or surviving on the least amount
of food in a day will just stress out your metabolism and ultimately your body will kick
back against you and old onto the fat.
Why? Because it needs to survive the "dangerous" situation it's in.
Find the #MagicalMiddle and your metabolism will zing, your health and fitness will
improve and you’ll start to get those results you really want.
Oh and by finding the middle you are establishing intelligent habits that are sustainable
Not sure how to find the #MagicalMiddle? Building habits intelligently and sustainably
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