What's the #1 reason why you continue to struggle with your weight? 
Willpower, chocolate, wine, time, family, work, stress..?
Yes I'm sure they all play a part, but there are 2 more powerful influencers. 
Urgency & Overwhelm.
I see this a lot in the ladies I work with and hear it in the conversations I have with people day to day.
Urgency leads to LESS action and giving up on your goals so fast that you don’t even have chance to write them down!
And the industry I work in thrives on your urgent need for results now!
“Drink this potion and get a 6 pack”
“Do this Ab workout to reduce bloating”
“Buy this journal and cut your stress”
“Buy my cookery book and have a body like me in 4 weeks”
Social media brings this reality even closer to us than ever before.
But expecting to get the same effortless results in 2 months as someone who has been practicing a healthy lifestyle for 10 years, and written a book on it, is crazy.
So what’s the answer?
Release the urgency and fall in love with what you're doing TODAY.
When I finally decided after 20 years to get on top of my eating and training habits, I didn’t do it because I hated my body. I didn’t do it because I had a special event to go to in a couple of months time. I didn't do it because I was going on holiday. I didn’t do it because I needed to impress anyone. I didn’t do it because I was miserable.
Those drivers are not sustainable motivators. If you’re starting from a place of urgency and desperation, and need to get all the results right now, you’ll burn out before you’ve even swallowed your first green smoothie. 😜
For me, it was about listening to a few powerful realities.
1. I just need to live in a healthy body *for myself* first and foremost. I have stuff I want to be able to do right now in my 40’s , but also in my 80’s, and I MUST be fit enough for them. I don’t focus too much on what I want to achieve in 30+ years time, but I do focus on what I want to achieve TODAY. The process of learning, adjusting and improving is what feeds me, not the outcome.
2. I don’t need success to look a certain way. I stay open to outcomes. Instead of urgency, I operate with intensity…”How good can I get at push ups? How fast COULD I run? “ Instead of anxiety, I operate with patience. Instead of focusing on a specific goal, I focus on the process. Instead of wanting to quit, I want to figure out the puzzle.
I TRUST that I’ve got this. That I have time, I'm never "missing the boat" or "behind." And I trust that I don’t have to know what it’s all going to look like a year from now because I’ll know that … in a year. 😊
Patience is a productivity tool👌🏼
How you see your process is important. 
Pair that with self-trust + engagement and you’ve got a recipe for a super fulfilling endeavour you could never quit and that never does you wrong.
This is the approach we take at Zig Zag. We don't have lists of Do's and Don'ts. Sins and Wins. Just bags full of support and sustainable solutions. 
If you're ready to step away from the lotions , potions pills and fast empty promises, drop me a line. Or CLICK HERE to see how over 100 local Stratford ladies have already started to discover their own sustainable motivators and have the results  and smiles to show for it.
Allison (never quitting) Harding