Did you watch Mind Over Marathon the other night? A truly inspirational group of brave people sharing their mental health stories and journey to the London Marathon.


So emotional.


For me it was reinforcing to see the power of focus and accountability being played out in front of me.


Every participant suffered from a mental health problem. All were feeling stuck. Some had been hiding their true self behind a successful career, being a good Mum, and literally locking themselves away.  By focusing on the Marathon they were able to shift their attention. It was the accountability to the group that kept them going even when injuries and self doubt threatened to stop them.  


Last week I spoke to the Zig Zag Graduate group about how to become “Unstuck” .


We all feel this at times don’t we? In our career, relationships, health, fitness...


For me there are 4 keys to getting unstuck 




We release endorphins  - those feel good chemicals

You feel that energy surging through your body, that force of will and it has the power to change the way you think, feel and ultimately ACT. Exercise can actually change how you behave in other areas of your life.

One lady in the Mind over Marathon Program said she felt like she was actually running to a new life!





Read something inspiring. Not the newspaper or your social media feed. An autobiography.

Read about someone else’s journey. The most successful people in life have often struggled the most. Reading how they have overcome adversity and built resilience can be inspiring and move you forwards.


At the beginning of their journey the Marathon runners all shared their stories. They all took comfort from realizing that their feelings of overwhelm were not unique to them. This itself helped to provide support and confidence to risk the uncertainty of the future Challenge.



Get Clear on your goals


Most of our actions are driven by emotion. Getting excited about what we really want is the key to getting started.


Then putting clear doable steps in place builds confidence and momentum.


We MUST change from the inside out otherwise we will only get temporary superficial change. Your ACTION MUST be INSPIRED and come from a place of EMOTION.


The Marathon was their long term goal. But it was the smaller steps that were the most powerful part of the process.


At the end of the program one lady said..”It isn’t really about the Marathon. I haven’t actually been able to complete it. In the past I would have seen this as failure. But the whole process has affected my attitude I now have to the rest of my life. This is the most valuable thing I have taken from the Program”

He didn’t need the medal. He had created his own.



Go and help someone else.


By focusing on someone else who needs your help can stop you dwelling on your own struggles. And  move you forwards.


We saw this with this amazing group of people. One chap couldn’t complete the Marathon due to injury. He had always been afraid of crowds of people, but went out on race day to support those in the team who were running. And in turn made steps towards handling one of his biggest fears.



If you want to make it easier on yourself to get and stay motivated on your personal fitness and confidence goals join us over on Face Book in my "Female Fitness Over 40" page to see if the support of a like-minded group of ladies will help you to get your body moving and feel happier with every aspect of your life.


I believe we really can make you feel happier, why not give it a try!


Allison x