Has taking on to "too much" got any value at all Zig Zag? 

Surely it just leads to overwhelm and stress? 

And stress is bad right? 

Well there's no evidence to suggest that stress causes coronary heart disease or heart attacks. But if you have coronary heart disease and experience feelings of anxiety or are under lots of stress, it may bring on symptoms like angina. 


But can stress actually be Good for you? 


It all comes down to your perception of exactly what it means to you, how you use it and how you cope with it.  


For me, BUSY isn't stressful. UNEVENTFUL, QUIET and STEADY is. 😳



Last month was busy. This month looks busier. I'm excited.

I see great value in juggling MORE. 


My Mum and Dad are always telling me to "slow down ..the way you lead your life exhausts me." My reply."Life's just busier these days. We all live in a fast paced world where you've got to drive at 100 miles an hour just to keep up" 

"You take on too much. You're going to make a mistake. You're going to drop all the balls. You look exhausted. Why do so much?"

It's a choice really isn't it? We're not really victims of society and what we perceive it demands. We can choose to ignore it if we want. But If you see value in being busy and taking on stuff even when you feel that perhaps you're already full up, you'll do it. 

Sure, there are risks in taking on too much, but the alternative is being so protective of your time that you end up not doing anything. I've been there. You procrastinate. You spend time looking at what others are doing. You lose confidence in your own ability. You stagnate. 


People want to be around people doing stuff. People respect doers. People get inspired by people taking action. 


Action is contagious and pulling the trigger and saying yes even when you are scared,even when you have a ton of other stuff going on, yes, has utility.


Why?  Because:

a) You get a bucket load of experience in situations you might not otherwise (e.g. stress management...)

b) You get exposed to a variety of different scenarios so you can learn about what you enjoy and what you don’t instead of guessing

c) You learn to prioritize better, hone in on the biggest dial movers and stop doing things that don’t matter (an exercise in finding shortcuts and workarounds), and

d) You ultimately end up having more OPTIONS.


Yes, I know things are going to be stressful. But isn't anticipating this, one form of stress management? Stress is your own perception of a situation. If you tell yourself that you MUST to do things perfectly, YEP I can see how DOING can be stressful. But if you aim for the middle. Accept that good enough repeated again and again and again has value, the pressure to be perfect dissipates and you give yourself the wins.


Isn't that stress management?


The alternative of DOING is NOT DOING. It's being scared, taking zero action and playing defense. And defense as a strategy to achieve the thing you say you want ... isn't the best one👌🏼


So, what will your week look like next week in terms of your eating and exercise ACTIONS? 

Plan it.  What meals are you going to prepare? What shopping must be done? How are you going to make it satisfying and tasty so that you look forward to eating that way again and agin and again. 

Exercise.Put it in your diary? What does it look like exactly? Who does it involve? How long will take?  What needs to be done to make sure it happens? 


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SEE you next week!


Allison (and yep..Dad, I may drop some balls, they may even be BIG ones!) x




Allison Harding,Fitness & Motivation Coach