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By reading my newsletter each week you’ll know that I have just recruited 24 new Kick Start ladies.


They are currently at the end of week 2 and going great guns.


As you can imagine, so many questions come up at the beginning of the program. From Carbs to fats to water to sleep to strength to cardio to interval and so on.


I only work with women 40+ and as a result the “M” question comes up time and time again.


“Menopause. Am I using this as an excuse for putting on weight or is there some truth in it?”


There is indeed some truth in the fact. Your post-menopausal weight gain is fueled by a change in the female hormone Oestrogen.


Oestrogen takes us from a girl to a woman, through our mentral cycle to pregnancy and then to the end of our reproductive years.


It regulates our body temperature. It helps us to sleep, memorize and concentrate better. It also helps with bone density and collagen production. AND is also key in the production of serotonin, our happy hormone.


When our periods stop the ovaries stop producing the strongest of the 3 Oestrogen hormones. Oestradiol, and switches to the less powerful Oestrone. This is produced in the fat cells and adrenal glands.


Why is this important in terms of weight gain?


After menopause, the body will produce more fat cells, so that it can produce more Oestrone.


The body now needs to protect these fat cells and will actually switch to burning muscle rather than fat for energy so that it can continue to produce Oestrone.


This increase in Oestrone also results in an increase in insulin.


When insulin levels are high, we are in fat storing mode. This means that we are less able to metabolise the excess sugars in the blood.


Your body is now in  fat storing mode.


The drop in Oestradiol, the rise in Oestrone in the fat cells and the rise in insulin.


So what could you do? I suppose you could just accept that you will gain a little weight each year. That your bone density will reduce. That your sleep patterns will be more erratic. That your memory will be less sharp and you’ll be less happy 😔




You could do some key things to fight back against all of these symptoms.


  1. increase your muscle mass with resistance training. Not sure what I mean? Email me. 🙂


  1. Eat a diet predominantly low in sugar and high in protein and fat.



In conclusion, during the menopause you need to get into action. Challenge your body as it tries to lay down fat and break down muscle mass.


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Allison Harding,Fitness & Motivation Coach