Does it all have to be about the iron?  


I'm talking about resistance/strength training. Not about the pile you may have in your laundry room that needs addressing..😂


Resistance training for the 40+ woman holds huge benefits in terms of fat loss.

There is no doubt.


Why? It boosts metabolism (you burn more calories at rest),  improves your strength and posture and makes sure that your body burns fat as a fuel instead of muscle when you exercise.


Pretty powerful.


Oh yes and last week I spoke about the benefits of resistance training in terms of managing the Menopause successfully too. Preventing that weight gain especially around your tummy, getting better sleep and reducing hot flushes and hormonal imbalances. It was a powerful one. Missed it? Email me and I’ll forward it on to you.


However, does Cardio still play a part in terms of fat loss? Should you still be doing Cardio?


A lady emailed me this week with this very question. I made a short sharp video on Wednesday answering this very question and popped it in my Female Fitness 40+ group on Face Book. CLICK HERE to see my answer.


Today I have also just posted a very simple table showing you how you can increase the effectiveness of your cardio exercise regardless of whether you’re a beginner or advanced exerciser.


There's nothing worse than spending your precious time doing ineffective exercise. This little table will show you how you can get started right away, use the environment you have available (no gym membership needed) and start burning even more calories at rest.


Have a lovely weekend.


CLICK HERE to get access to the 5 minute video ending the Cardio Confusion and the Magic table.


Oh, I also answered another lady’s question about Carbohydrates this week. To eat or not to eat..that is the question?


Have a great one. 


Allison x



Allison Harding,Fitness & Motivation Coach