Have you noticed, how the rules change for fat loss once you hit 40?  

Gone are the days when you can just stop eating for a few days and lose ½ a stone in a week. Also you can no longer swap food for alcohol at the weekend and still wake up on Monday morning feeling fabulous.


No, it all changes. I’m not saying it’s bad. Yes, the rules change. BUT so does the game.


Your goal is no longer small and skinny, but empowered and strong. Other people's opinion of you no longer feels so important, you’re more interested in how YOU feel about YOU. Your body has already given you so many amazing experiences. You know it’s got far more pleasure to offer you than just a clothes horse. You’re more comfortable with who you are. You and your amazing body are one. You’ve come a long way already and you’re now ready to look after it so that you can continue happily into the next exciting chapter of your life.


Below are some of the key pointers I have learnt from my own experiences and through coaching hundreds of women over 40.

Rest is key. Get to bed by 10. No electronics after 9 pm and get 8 hours in. (It’s #1 for a reason)

The stronger you are the easier it will be for you to cope with the Menopause and ageing.

Your body burns fat at a slower pace after 40. This is due to a shift in hormones. Less of the powerful hormone Oestradiol and more Oestrone. The latter is made in the fat cells and the adrenal glands, therefore your body produces more fat cells to “house” this hormone. I spoke about this in depth a few weeks ago . Email me for the Blog if you’d like to re reread it?

Excessive cardio training (over 40 minutes), stress and smoking will seriously increase the amount of facial lines.

In terms of effective exercise, you will sometimes be better taking a leisurely walk and a chat with friends rather than another killer interval session. Balance here is key.

Stabilizing your blood sugar will positively Influence your energy levels and mood. Restrict sugar, alcohol, wheat and caffeine. Yes, they will all pick you up for a short amount of time. But will also send you crashing down and friends and family running for cover!

Base 80% of your diet on whole foods, rather than those heavily processed products. Yes, sometimes we all need to resort to "quick and easy", but these foods will negatively affect your hormones, your waist line, your energy levels if over consumed.

You're in the driving seat. You know by now that there’s no magic formula. No pill, plan, shake or magic wand that will deliver the long lasting effortless results you want.

To stop obsessing about food there needs to be a shift in mindset. How you SEE things will have the most powerful impact in terms of positive lasting change.

Show yourself compassion. Even when things go wrong. Being kind to yourself will ultimately make you more consistent with your behaviours. And consistency is the key.


You can try to be PERFECT or you can be CONSISTENT. But you can’t be both!


Hey..who wants to be perfect all the time anyway???


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