It's a juicy one and worth hanging around for.

I also have a great freebie for you at the end of this email too.

But before you go there..Want to know what the ONE thing is?


You already KNOW everything. 


There's no trick

There's no NEW formula


This is tough, right?


You like the novelty of new

You like the sexiness of the short cuts and the latest and greatest

Surely that shiny new formula is what I've been missing all my life? 


But what you end up seeing, 99% of the time is that those short cuts turn into LONG CUTS when you inevitably

a) Fall off the wagon because it’s too strict/different/depriving to do for longterm 

b) You now feel even less encouraged because look at this thing you tried and look how you've failed AGAIN.


The reason why I created Zig Zag Women's Fitness & Motivation in the first place was because I was sick of the "one program fixes all" mentality that permeates the Health, Fitness and Fat loss industry. 


I was really peeved about the “program jumping” I saw women do, only to end up more frustrated than ever, more confused than ever and with a metabolism that was less responsive than ever.


I hate this cycle. It’s the cycle of thinking that there’s still something you juuuuust don’t know yet about weight loss and body change. You get excited about the next new thing because it MUST be the missing link.


Well, the truth is that it’s not. And are you ready for this? 


You know what to do. You have all the information you need.


Just because something is old doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Just because it’s something you’ve heard before doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.


I have proof that "super simple" does work. Just pop over to my Female Fitness 40+ Face Book group and take a look at the superstar on this weeks pinned post. SIMPLY Brilliant! CLICK HERE for that eye opener 😄


I digress...


Guess what does work? Doing it right 80% of the time. Being consistent. Waking up every day and doing your best and not letting the newness and shininess and sexiness and social-media-hype of something novel pull one over on you. Because you’ve done that plenty. I have, too. And we know, we knooooow it doesn’t work.


Which is why CONSISTENCY with a HANDFUL OF IMPACTFUL THINGS will always beat the pursuit of perfection every single time.


This is what I coach at Zig Zag Women's Fitness & Motivation to the ladies who are ready to level up, take responsibility and chose NOT to be distracted by the next new thang. Because it's a choice isn't it? 


And so …  meaningful body change is about consistency.

And I'm talking about LASTING change here.  

Not the "I need to lose a stone before I go on holiday" sort of change.

Or the "I'll just starve myself for a week to fit into THAT dress" sort of change.

No, I mean the sort of change that will not only make your clothes look great,

but the sort of change that will have you strutting around with more energy than you've had in years, grinning from ear to ear and radiating a glow that all your friends will envy.

The sort of change that will impact your relationships with your partner, your children, your work colleges and all those people that are near and dear to you.

The sort of change that will result in a happier you.

Because Happy IS the goal isn't it?

Weight loss and fitness are the process NOT the ultimate goal. 


So how do you achieve this? 


Where do you start? 


Simplify the task.

Don't have a million things to check off your list.

You have a few key things.

You do them every single day.

You do your best.

Don't get fancy.

Don't over think it.

Don't let the need to have all the answers right now infiltrate your mind - it's those thoughts that got you here in the first place. 



Lucky for you, I have the perfect simple program for you ☺️ Of course I do!

You can start practicing this today, for FREE. 


My online 14 day Summer Simplicity Program is now available.


I'll hold your hand each day for 14 days as you practice establishing 

2 simple nutritional habits. 
1 exercise regime that is both time efficient & effective.
and Question some of the barriers that have held you back in the past

I want you to be consistent with a couple of things at a time of year when you traditionally throw the towel in, and wait until September to "start again"  

Solutions don’t come as a result of huge overhauls and fresh starts.

They come about as a result of you showing up, as best you can, staying mindful, every single day. One day at a time..even in summertime. 


You’ve got this. I've got your back. 


Allison (ignoring the shiny new things) Harding  x