I tell my clients all the time how much I hate cooking.


Truth is, I actually don’t. I just struggle to fit it in to my life. 😬


The worst time are those nights when there seems to be no predictable pattern. Kids in and out wanting food at different times. Me working. Dave in late. Arghhhh!


As a result, I’ve come up with some really simple strategies to eat good tasty nutritious food without losing the plot. Why? Because it’s important to me to feed myself well at least 80% of the time. When I don’t, I get grumpy, I feel sluggish, I fall asleep, I’m less productive and everyone suffers.


I made this short video for the Zig Zag Graduates this week. It got a great response, and as a result I thought I'd share it with you too. 



In it I share

*My #1 simplicity tool

*How I manage to get 5 greens in a day

*The best way to shop

*What to chop, and what to not!

*A muffin that helps with fat loss

*My top Protein hit that keeps me fuller for longer


*My #1 kitchen gadget that saves me the most time and delivers

the goods in terms of fat loss.


As a result of the post a number of Zig Zag ladies have changed the way they do things.

I'm not saying my way is the right way. But there may be a little nugget in there that helps you simplify and be more consistent with your eating.


Remember. You can be consistent or perfect. Not both.



Until next week


Allison (keeping it simple, because I have to) Harding 


PS I mention a Frittata recipe in the video, that's great for snacking Email me if you’d like a copy.