In January you made a pledge to yourself. Fitter, leaner, more energy, a dress size down....How are you doing? Made some headway? Or are you sitting at the same place as you were before Christmas despite having given tons of thought, energy, and effort to making some significant change? 


You're not alone.


I hear it all the time.

"How can I put so much effort into changing the way my body looks and remain stuck at the same place."  

"..Sure over the year I get a bit leaner, lose a bit of "squashiness" here and there but I am always pretty close to where I had started…I've done this for years". 


How does this happen?


Is there some "secret potion" that you need to discover?


Well kind of.  The secret potion is HOW you approach fat loss, fitness & wellbeing. 


Here are the 3 biggest mistakes most ladies make , and how to avoid them...


MISTAKE #1: You try to Completely overhaul the way you eat and move to lose weight.

We’ve all done this one.  You know how it goes.  You've had a few "off" weeks/months. You muster up motivation to BE GOOD and start.  The foods you plan on eating don’t include anything you would normally eat and you go from barely exercising at all to hitting the gym/roads/classes five days each week.


While your intentions are good, the problem is that following it requires more energy than you have to give. You have a busy life with a multitude of responsibilities you need to follow through on. You need a ton of focus and willpower to stay the course and when life happens (as it always does), you have nowhere to fall back to except your previous habits.


Here’s the problem.


Overhaul leads to overwhelm and stagnation. 


You stay stuck in the crazy cycle of getting motivated, starting the plan, getting overwhelmed, and reverting back to your old habits.


MISTAKE #2: Taking “baby steps” that completely ignore the basics.

First we need to agree that the term “baby steps” is kind of misleading.  No matter what change you make - giving up bread, avoiding chocolate or banning snacks - if the habit is well established - something you have done for years - something you rely on as comfort, it takes effort and it FEELS like a big step for you. 

Since some start up motivation and drive is inevitable, wouldn’t you be better focusing on cultivating some doable habits that could give you huge payback ? Ofcourse. But that's not what you do is it?  


When you spend your limited effort on taking steps that don’t really move the dial, you get frustrated by the lack of results produced.  At some point your effort seizes and you remain a beginner. 


MISTAKE #3: You focus on following strict guidelines rather than seeing consistency as your ultimate tool for success. 

When I explain to potential clients the simple Zig Zag guidelines for long lasting success the classic response is “Isn’t THAT too easy to work?”

We somehow believe that if something is hard or complex then it must be good AND it will work for us. But how has that worked for you in the past? Stop for a minute and think about it. 

If the plan you embark upon is miles away from what you would normally do, the harder it will be to DO IT with any level of consistency.  Unless you can throw every hour, every thought, every moment at achieving your goal, you are setting yourself up for failure.  


One of the toughest concepts to get your head around when you have struggled with your weight for many many years is to "welcome easy". There are no rewards for enduring the toughest programs out there. In fact you are more likely to slip back to your ingrained normal habits the tougher you set the guide lines. Do a simpler program you can do all the time. 


You can have perfection, or you can have consistency. You can't have both. 


Ok. So what's the answer to move out of the beginner group and actually start making some long lasting headway here? 


1. Identify those habits you could establish that would make the biggest impact on your weight loss results. I call these the BIG ROCKS. 

Eg. Do you find yourself going to bed past midnight 3-4 times a week. Does the affect your mood, eating habits, lack of energy the next day. Could you start here? 

Do you find yourself stopping at the petrol station each night on the way from home? You kid yourself that you need to top up, but actually you use it as an excuse to grab a chocolate bar.

Do you love the ritual of having a glass of wine with your partner in the evening? However the glass leads to 2, to 3 and even though you tell yourself every morning that you're not going to drink tonight, you end up opening another bottle.

AWARENESS of what you are actually doing is the first stage of change.


This isn't hardcore. It's not a sexy new program. It may seem too easy to work. But it's how you move away from the starting blocks and start to set simple and effective steps that you can repeat again and again and again. 


Are you ready to embrace simple? Work alongside likeminded ladies? Get the support you need to actually implement some simple exercise and eating habits?  Take hold of your health fitness and wellbeing on your terms? And take great pleasure in the abundance of your lifestyle?

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Allison x 


Allison Harding,Fitness & Motivation Coach