When you’ve studied a lot. You’ve learnt a lot. You’ve adjusted a lot. You’ve resolved a lot....

You take a lot of that information for granted.


You forget that some people don’t spend most of their daylight hours thinking about it , struggling with it, questioning it and resolving it. 😂


Some people aren’t even aware that anything needs questioning at all.


For example. Every single time I start a new Forever Kick Start Challenge Zig Zag, I am reminded that not everyone has finally got the message that the concept of low fat foods for fat loss are no longer the way to go.

Even yesterday when I had spent 2 hrs. with a group in the supermarket, one of the final questions was “Even if you don’t need to lose a huge amount of weight, would you still say that you must look at sugar per 100g on the labels first rather than fat?”


Frustrating? No. Not really. It just confirms to me that the average person isn’t as interested in fitness and nutrition as I am. Even my clients. I must therefore continue to teach this stuff in a useable and reliable way. I get it. I really do.


Just because I have moved on. Just because I understand all the facts and science, it doesn’t mean to say that everyone has. 


So what’s the thing we are STILL talking about?




Only last night I was hit with this again during the Zig Zag Project ABC ½ time Review.


Project ABC? A super focused Zig Zag group of ladies working on an 8 week journey to achieving MORE. 


Still, one of the most popular answers to the question “What do you want to achieve on 8 weeks time was

“I want to lose X amount of weight”


Now. I honestly haven’t weighed myself for over 3 years. I joke that the only time I do is when I go skiing for my binding setting. But if I’m honest, I don’t even do it then. I guess. 😝


So, last night, I got the scales out.


I was interested of course in the number. But I was mostly interested in my ATTITUDE.


What would I think if the number was higher than I expected? How would I react?

What would that mean? How would I feel?


Reality…I was the same weight I had been 3 years ago when I was almost 2 dress sizes bigger. 

Was I shocked? No not really.

Was I upset? No. I was neutral

Was I going to do something about it? As result of the number? Absolutely not.


The number for me is clinical.


But I understand that for some it's still scary, confusing or taboo.


Are we still shameful about weight?? Do we still believe that lighter is always better?


The old school way of thinking about female health and fitness is, the smaller, the better. The lighter, the better. And if you lift weights you will immediately turn into The Hulk. 😜.


So I do get it. But it’s the old way.


The new way is strong, powerful, healthy, fit, capable, confident, happy. At whatever weight.


Train as often as you can. Preferentially lift some weight.


Make healthy food choices most of the time.


Build in moments of joy and satisfaction.


Enjoy your friends and family.


Live your life!


Allison xx


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Allison Harding,Fitness & Motivation Coach